Three confirmed cases of monkeypox have been linked to a homosexual fetish festival in Belgium, health authorities said Friday. [more]

"Time is becoming an issue for opponents of the map."[more]

The assault on free speech on campus continues.[more]

(The Center Square) – A federal judge in Louisiana on Friday stopped the Biden administration from revoking Title 42, a[more]

California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom reportedly has "sub-zero interest" in running for president in 2024, the San Francisco Chronicle reported…[more]

Federal judge halts Biden administration from revoking Title 42

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(The Center Square) – A federal judge in Louisiana on Friday stopped the Biden administration from revoking Title 42, a[more]

Should she be disclosing this information before each segment?[more]

Buyer's remorse about Karine Jean-Pierre?[more]

An unprecedented leaked draft opinion from the Supreme Court this month showed the Justices poised to overturn Roe v. Wade…[more]

President Biden likely wouldn't have had to loosen sanctions on Venezuelan energy or ask Middle Eastern producers to drill more…[more]

BREAKING: Title 42 Is Staying at the Border for Now

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A federal judge ruled on Friday that Title 42, the public health order meant to stem the tide of COVID-19[more]

The Biden administration fumbled their response to the baby formula shortage every step along the way, including the launch of…[more]

But one reluctant justice is calling on the state legislature to "close a dangerous loophole" in state law. …[more]

Patterson's weekly column, "The Buzz Cut," debuts Monday, May 23.[more]

Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz instructed agents on how the agency plans to release migrants ahead of Title 42's possible…[more]

The mainstream media and the powers that be have certainly given us reason to doubt their expertise on telling the…[more]

Well, it’s here. It’s done some work. It’s still annoying as ever, and it’s the only thing Democrats have left….[more]

That this is even an argument is mind-blowing. [more]

Federal Judge Blocks Biden’s COVID-19 Immigration Order

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A federal judge ruled Friday that the decision to end Title 42 must be paused, siding with Republican attorneys general.[more]

Can ‘Freedom Trade’ Replace Free Trade?

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Gun-controlled New York has “loopholes” to be closed?

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It's easy for people to talk about closing "loopholes" after something like Buffalo, but that's not New York's problem….[more]

They've had enough with San Fran Nan on abortion…[more]