Sorry, Newt, DeSantis Is Still in the Race

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Demi Moore Suffers Nipple-Slipping Wardrobe Malfunction

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Demi Moore flashed more than just a smile at Paris Fashion Week, Tuesday, when her nipple slipped out of her…[more]

House lawmakers grilled officials on the state of military housing Wednesday after a damning watchdog report.[more]

Bryce Mitchell held his Bible and yelled "freedom" while being introduced by the announcer prior to his dub against Dan…[more]

More than 50 governments and organizations asked the Supreme Court in September to overturn a court decision preventing them from[more]

Fans flooded the internet begging for someone to rescue Britney Spears' dogs, following her bizarre knife-dancing video, posted Monday….[more]

Washington, D.C., is on track to have its most violent year in a quarter century after its homicide toll surpassed…[more]

A Democratic enclave in Wyoming purchased electric buses to reduce emissions, but the buses are mostly inoperable after their manufacturer…[more]

Heather Rooks filed a lawsuit alleging that Peoria Unified School District ordered her to stop quoting bible verses during meetings….[more]

Travis Kelce Calls Taylor Swift ‘Ballsy’

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The Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce called Taylor Swift "ballsy" for showing up to his game against the Bears during…[more]

A White House spokesman dismissed a report that showed that Hunter Biden’s Chinese business associates sent the first son at…[more]

The South Carolina State Library has withdrawn its partnership with the American Library Association (ALA), citing the group's alleged partisanship….[more]

“The sick man of Europe”

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Germany. After former Chancellor Angela Merkel, the fellow who bears a great deal of responsibility for running Europe’s muscleman into the…[more]

A spin-off of the kid’s show “Paw Patrol” features a non-binary character named River.[more]

Have you forgotten about the ongoing investigation into Joe Biden’s mishandling of classified documents? I can understand if you did…[more]


Martin Scorsese reflected on how challenging it was to work with Harvey Weinstein, recalling feeling so frustrated by his constraints…[more]

Many Democrats are claiming that the recent indictment of Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) proves that the current Justice Department provides…[more]

NewsNation anchor Chris Cuomo had strong words for President Joe Biden during his Tuesday monologue, and everyone should take note….[more]

Consumer Confidence Plummets As Biden Approval Rating Slumps

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The Morning Consult's U.S. consumer sentiment index is nearing its pandemic low point as voters voice concerns over President Biden's…[more]