Mark Kelly: “I’m A Gun Owner, But…”

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“I’m a gun owner, but…” How many times have you seen that phrase, only for it to be followed by[more]

Staggeringly one-sided support for John Cox.[more]

Big Mad Big Tech Goofs Big

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It’s time to take action.[more]

2A Advocates Win Partial Victory Over Rhode Island “Buyback”

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A gun turn-in program in two Rhode Island cities took place this past weekend despite a court challenge by Second[more]


Establishment Democrat’s days are numbered in the face of victory.[more]

PinkState: When 0 > 1

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Sometimes, 0 really is better than 1[more]

Chris Pratt is the actor we’ve been waiting for and they’ve been dreading.[more]

Oakland Homicide Total Proves Failure Of Gun Control

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All over the country, the violent crime rate appears to be soaring. Every city of any appreciable size seems to[more]

Why This Average American Is Voting for Donald Trump

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Joe Biden and the Media Are Running Scared

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They can’t be allowed to run out the clock on the biggest story of the political cycle.[more]

The Cost Of Compliance With Biden’s Gun Ban

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If Joe Biden and Kamala Harris actually win the war for the White House next month, one of the first[more]

Hello, 911? I’d like to report a pencil-necked little fellow on fire[more]

Hypocrisy Abounds Over One Judge Deciding Gun Rights

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Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of court decisions go in every direction when it comes to the Second[more]

Hopefully, Alec keeps his temper under control.[more]

FILE – In this Oct. 11, 2012, file photo, Hunter Biden waits for the start of the his father’s, Vice[more]

Kamala Harris Was Right

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This has all been totally hilarious.  And by hilarious – I mean exceedingly awful. Let us again check in with[more]

If Biden & Company Gain Power…

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This would be a huge mistake[more]

Biden is ahead right now, but I can’t help but remember what happened almost eight years ago…[more]

“You could just hear in his voice he was distraught and he was hurting.”[more]

It’s an all-new adventure[more]

It’s an all-new adventure[more]