After nearly three months of the Damian Lillard saga, we finally have a conclusion, as the superstar point guard has…[more]

Retailers lost more than $112 billion to crime in 2022, a survey from the National Retail Federation (NRF) found.[more]

Republicans debate tonight. How long will we be able to?

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Anti-gun city buys gun store

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That may change the game entirely, and for that, we can thank Alabama’s senior senator for reclaiming congressional oversight of…[more]

James Carville Goes Nuclear on the Radical Woke Left

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The Senate's bipartisan continuing resolution to fund the government after Sept. 30 contains additional funding to aid Ukraine, according to…[more]

Angelina Jolie's recent interview with Vogue uncovers why the actress who was once the leading lady of Hollywood decided to…[more]

Judge Blocks Red State Ban On Sex Change Treatments For Minors

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A U.S. district court ruled Wednesday to temporarily halt the enforcement of a Montana law that would have banned sex-change…[more]

(The Center Square) – Members of the House Armed Service Committee expressed shock and frustration Wednesday with the conditions of…[more]

Michigan State fired head football coach Mel Tucker on Wednesday over sexual misconduct allegations, according to a letter from the…[more]

An officer in Los Angeles County was shot and killed in September, and the district attorney is refusing to charge…[more]

Biden Administration To Deport Homeschooling German Family

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A German family who legally fled to the U.S. 15 years ago is now facing deportation at the hands of…[more]

Angelina Jolie spoke out about the adversity she has had to overcome over the course of her life, and admitted…[more]

Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz blasted arguments alleging separation between Hunter Biden's business dealing and his father's presidency Wednesday….[more]

Democratic Sen. Bob Casey of New Jersey signed onto a letter Monday warning of "corruption" amid allegations against him of…[more]