Calls to “Rein In” the Media Latest Form of “Newspeak”

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This week, politicians and academics — in lockstep as always — have directly called for an effective end to Freedom[more]

Facebook and Twitter Are Not Local Bakeries.

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Our civil rights laws don’t have to treat them the same way.

The post Facebook and Twitter Are Not[more]

Business Insider has compiled a list of businesses that are cutting ties with not only President Trump but the entire[more]

Baseball legend Curt Schilling who won World Series titles with both the Arizona Diamondbacks and Boston Red Sox says his[more]

Come & Take It: Texas Gov Says State Should Be 2A Sanctuary

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NRA Files For Bankruptcy, Hints At Possible Move To Texas

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Virginia Democrat Introduces Ban On "Ghost Guns"

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Capitol Riot Further Exposes Democrat Hypocrisy

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Montana House Approves Major Expansion Of Carry Laws

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