Democrats behind legislation that would ban corporations from having PACs took large campaign checks this election cycle from PACs funded…[more]

Star shooting guard Tyler Herro agreed to a huge contract extension with the Miami Heat on Sunday.[more]

The vote is neck-and-neck…[more]

Desperate times for a desperate candidate[more]

Can Sesame Street's Rosita ever redeem herself?[more]

Teachers unions are advocating for gender identity and CRT to be taught in schools. This recent push has come from…[more]

It's been less than a week since President Joe Biden had his "where's Jackie" moment as he looked for Rep….[more]

SCOTUS approval drops to a new low

By @ 2022-10-03 04:36:58

And the media is driving most of the shift[more]

Can two different David Stroms agree?

By @ 2022-10-03 04:36:58

Doomsday for Democrats in Nevada

By @ 2022-10-03 04:36:59

For all the focus on Pennsylvania, what's happening in Nevada is bigger. [more]

Hillary STILL Spreading Trump-Putin Conspiracy Theories

By @ 2022-10-03 04:36:59

At Georgetown University, attendees were treated to Hillary Clinton’s alternate reality, in which Trump was preparing to present Ukraine to…[more]

Refund the police[more]

Communist China continues to violate international law around the world.[more]

If I was handling this matter for Smiley I would reply…[more]

Four days removed from a heart operation, Cardinals' superstar J.J. Watt will gear up to play against the Carolina Panthers…[more]

Biden just has no shame…[more]

Funny memes and tweets of the week

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A stroll on the lighter side[more]

Obama Reveals How He Really Felt About Trump in Office

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In his final days of office, former President Obama privately told a group of reporters that the country would be…[more]

Fox News reporter Bill Melugin claimed Sunday that some Democrats wouldn't make eye contact with him when spoken to about…[more]

WATCH: Kerry Slone on Guns, Liberty, and Feminism

By @ 2022-10-03 04:37:04

Kerry Slone explains why gun control is sexist and how feminism disempowers women.[more]