Sunday Smiles

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I am sitting here trying to think of something profound to say, and am stumped. Should it be funny but touching?…[more]

McCarthy stated that he would speak to Biden later on Sunday to finalize the language of the bill.[more]

Ever since Donald Trump descended the golden escalator in 2015, he has defied political norms in his manners and speech,[more]

Meeting with bundlers, high-level DeSantis campaign aides repeatedly assuaged potential donors’ concerns over abortion access by alluding to what is…[more]

The ‘Disagree with me and you have blood on your hands’ thing is charming.[more]

Criminals might be a little less brazen if they knew they might be facing down the barrel of a gun….[more]

Is There a Polite Way to Handle the Pronoun Madness?

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One of the most maddening things about modern culture is the whole issue of pronouns. At the very least, it’s…[more]

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy defended his debt ceiling agreement Sunday after objections from conservative lawmakers.[more]

How will the Texas Senate vote?[more]

The Associated Press Is Having a Horrible Holiday Weekend

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While it’s been a tough week for the press in general, the Associated Press has been on a distinctive losing…[more]

Newsom’s in a somewhat unenviable position…the heart bleeds. [more]

Local officials blasted for siding with anti-gun group

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The state of Kansas is pretty pro-gun, all things considered. They have a lot of good gun laws on the…[more]

Review: Black Tide Rising: Volume one

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Black Tide Rising isn’t your typical graphic novel of a zombie apocalypse. It also has some insights about people and…[more]

Center and Right groups are gaining ground in bringing corporations back to the center, representatives from the organizations say.[more]

Election irregularities have haunted Maricopa County, Ariz. for the past ten years, raising doubts about the legitimacy of a number…[more]

Let ALL of the voters be heard by letting ALL of the votes be counted. [more]

Giving the other side everything they demand is not called [more]

I heard a really interesting statement in a podcast I listened to a few weeks ago. The podcast episode was…[more]

Though Haley and Scott are South Carolina natives, experts in the state don't believe their roots are enough to secure…[more]

Pentecost and the language of love: Sunday reflection

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This morning’s Gospel reading is John 20:19–23: On the evening of that first day of the week, when the doors were…[more]

They want you to forget everything Biden said up until this point. [more]

BIDEN CAVES: Debt Deal with Spending Cuts Struck

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After months of Joe Biden ignoring the looming debt crisis and refusing to negotiate with Republicans, a preliminary agreement was…[more]

State Farm’s policy took effect on Saturday, denying California customers new insurance coverage for business and personal lines property and…[more]

This isn’t the first time that Always has genuflected to the woke mob. In 2019, the company removed the [more]

Not all caregivers are created equally.[more]