Independent presidential candidate RFK Jr. stated that the Democratic party’s push of fearing Trump is not enough as American lives…[more]

George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley said that the indictment of Hunter Biden “shatters” denials about the Biden family…[more]

A New York Times (NYT) staff member allegedly appeared naked on a Thursday morning video conference call, according to The…[more]

A former United States attorney said the indictment of Hunter Biden on nine counts of violating tax laws could sink…[more]

UPenn’s President Magill is Probably Toast

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Shoe In Big Cat’s Mouth Leads To Discovery Of Dead Body

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A man was found dead in Pakistan after a wild animal was seen with a shoe in its mouth, CBS…[more]

The University of Pennsylvania's (UPenn) board of trustees held an emergency meeting Thursday amid backlash to President Elizabeth Magill's comments…[more]

Video Shows Horny Buck Destroying Deer Statue

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A California woman discovered that a horny deer had destroyed a statue on her and her family's property, according to…[more]

Fourteen lesser-known Democratic candidates took the stage to discuss their visions for 2024, with some throwing out "love tickets" and…[more]

Talk-show host Alex Jones predicted the “deep state” would kill both former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden in…[more]

BREAKING: Hunter Biden Indicted on New Criminal Charges

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Hunter Biden hit with new indictment in California

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(The Center Square) – President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, is facing new charges.[more]

Hunter Biden's financial benefactor convened a crisis meeting at his residence and feared the political "risk" presented by Hunter's alleged…[more]

The Biden administration distanced itself Thursday from the Council on American–Islamic Relations (CAIR) after its leader praised Hamas' Oct. 7…[more]

This is why Ranges are Touchy About Gun Safety

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Tucker’s On The Verge Of Something Big

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Tucker's new media company is barreling towards launch. It has begun building a paid subscription base, where subscribers can access…[more]

Trump Has One Advantage In 2024 That Nobody Wants To Talk About

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With the momentum shifting in Donald Trump's favor over the past several weeks, the panic is setting in….[more]