"Beverly Hills 90210" actor Ian Ziering was swarmed and jumped by several people on bikes on New Years Eve, in…[more]

Three people were arrested in connection to the death of a North Carolina off-duty officer attempting to stop a gas…[more]

U.S. troops in the Middle East have engaged more than 50 drones and at least 11 missiles shot by Iranian[more]

No, AOC, Jesus Was Not a ‘Palestinian’

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The U.S. Appeals Court issued a temporary hold on a district court's ruling Saturday, which previously blocked the implementation of…[more]

The Girl With Six Identities

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Nikki Haley’s Slavery SNAFU Isn’t Hurting Her Campaign

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Retired Dem Rep Eddie Bernice Johnson Dies At 88

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Retired Democratic Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson passed away at the age of 88 Sunday, Reuters reported. [more]

Meet the American Who Calibrated the Clock of the World

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Here’s The Five Biggest Hunter Biden Stories Of The Past Year

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It's been a turbulent year for Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden's embattled son.[more]

President Joe Biden derided inflation and the size of the federal government in 1978, when he was a senator representing[more]

Illinois Dad Shoots Man Who Beat His Daughter

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Chicago Mayor Johnson compared Texas Gov. Abbott to Confederate President Jefferson Davis, citing lack of health services for migrants at…[more]