Fox News contributor Tulsi Gabbard and host Laura Ingraham took aim at Vice President Kamala Harris over her comments on…[more]

Why I Joined the Freedom Conservatism Movement

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Has NYC Solved its Rat Problem?

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Who Were the Anti-Jordan GOP ‘Squishes’?

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The United States Senate passed an amendment by Republican Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa Tuesday to address abuses of telework…[more]

Cruz targets Hamas, regimes that use human shields in new legislation

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(The Center Square) – U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz has introduced legislation that would impose sanctions on members of the terrorist…[more]

Leading Offshore Wind Developer Pulls Plug On Two Projects

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A major offshore wind developer announced that it is cancelling two major developments on Tuesday evening.[more]

Dashcam footage released by the Illinois State Police showed the moment a suspect appeared to fire on a cop, leaving…[more]

‘Days Of Our Lives,’ ‘General Hospital’ Actor Dies At 50

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Tyler Christopher, known for his role on "General Hospital," died on Tuesday morning at the age of 50, according to…[more]

Tesla Wins in Trial Over Autopilot Crash

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Fox News host Neil Cavuto pressed Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida about his drop in polls for the Republican…[more]

UFC fighter Derrick Lewis was reportedly arrested and charged with reckless driving in Harris County, Texas, according to Fox 26.[more]

An IDF spokesman pushed back on CNN host Wolf Blitzer’s reporting telling him to "exercise caution" when “relying on reports…[more]

AP Thinks Gun Rights In Conflict With Other Rights

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Former Vice President Mike Pence dropped out of the Republican primary and nobody batted an eye.[more]

The House Judiciary Committee announced an investigation into the Department of Justice (DOJ) over reports of spying on Republicans investigating…[more]

Auto executives and their companies are starting to back off of ambitious electric vehicle (EV) targets, according to numerous reports….[more]