Biden signs short-term funding bill to avoid government shutdown

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President Joe Biden signed a 45-day government funding bill into law late Saturday, narrowly avoiding the first federal shutdown of…[more]

Tyree Smith, after 10 years in a psychiatric hospital for allegedly killing a man and eating his brain and eyeballs,[more]

Cleveland Browns' tight end David Njoku was unexpectedly included in the team's injury report Saturday afternoon, following an accident at…[more]

The Senate voted to pass a short-term funding package that was passed by the House just hours before a deadline…[more]

Duke Student Misses $1 Million Field Goal, Drills Camera Instead

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A Duke University student missed a field goal kick with $1 million on the line Saturday, hitting a camera instead.[more]

Chipotle Hit With Lawsuit Over Alleged Religious Harassment

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The EEOC initiated legal action Wednesday against restaurant chain Chipotle accusing it of engaging in religious harassment and retaliatory actions….[more]

6 Killed In Zimbabwe Gold Mine Collapse

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Six miners lost their lives while 15 others remain trapped underground following the collapse of a gold mine in Zimbabwe,[more]

Several high-profile referees are marred by bias and a complete lack of common sense, much like Biden and Harris. Is…[more]

NFL Team Releases Star After Wild Week, Arrest

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The Las Vegas Raiders released star defensive end Chandler Jones on Friday after he was arrested the previous night,…[more]

Bowmanm who pulled the fire alarm at the Capitol ahead of the vote on a short-term funding bill, warned this…[more]

Colorado gun control goes into effect Sunday, lawsuit to follow

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Democrat Pulls Capitol Hill Fire Alarm Amid Shutdown Talks

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