Sorority Kicks out Woman Because She’s Also a Man

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Percentage is king — or queen.[more]

Officials of the federal government continue to engage in outrageous acts of intimidation that demonstrate a shocking disregard for our…[more]

Free agent point guard Fred VanVleet has signed a whopping three-year, $130 million contract with the Houston Rockets, according to[more]

Former President Donald Trump encountered an unexpected fan during a visit to Philadelphia on Friday. [more]

New Jersey's criminal justice reforms have emboldened mass teenage misbehavior while leaving the police unable to respond accordingly….[more]

Far-left Democratic members of Congress are furious at the Supreme Court decision to block President Joe Biden's student loan debt…[more]

The National Archives announced Friday the release of additional records associated with the assassination of former President John F. Kennedy….[more]

Fire Breaks Out At Famous Hollywood Movie Studio

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Dark, thick smoke billowed into the air in the historic lot that was the home of iconic shows[more]

Republican Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy said Friday colleges are looking for “workarounds” to the Supreme Court’s ruling on race-based admissions….[more]

Tim Scott joined Fox News Friday to give his thoughts on the Supreme Court's ruling to strike down President Biden's…[more]

Eric Adams, mayor of New York City, has a problem. It’s his opinion of himself. It’s really quite high and, frankly, he’s…[more]

The level of arrogance was astonishing, even for Biden. [more]

Washington Mystics star Natasha Cloud absolutely blasted the United States on social media Friday amid several rulings by the Supreme…[more]

Veteran Joe Harris turned 107, and his Compton neighborhood turned up and turned out.[more]

The State Department failed to record carbon emissions generated by flights carrying federal diplomats to United Nations (UN) climate conferences….[more]

Footage has surfaced solidifying my original theory that Kennedy is not as great on guns as he would like us…[more]

On Thursday, June 29, 2023, the Supreme Court reinvigorated its application of strict scrutiny to race-related considerations in college admissions[more]

An attorney who successfully argued cases for gay marriage said Friday that the Supreme Court’s First Amendment ruling was “a…[more]

House Republicans' impeachment push against Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas lacks legal standing.[more]

The Kansas City Royals have traded left-handed closer Aroldis Chapman to the Texas Rangers in exchange for two prospects, the…[more]

Four long years of abuse and litigation have come to a just end for Maya Forstater this afternoon.

Congratulations to @MForstater,…[more]

The intelligence agencies do not have adequate oversight, and they have continuously, almost habitually, betrayed the trust of the American…[more]

Skinny on SCOTUS – The Final Chapter…for Now

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The final three decisions of the term were handed down on Friday.[more]