Are some identities more equal than others?[more]

This was so preventable. [more]

LA officials will never get people who have other options to use the LA Metro system as long as this…[more]

Leader Of ISIS Reportedly Killed In Northern Syria

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The leader of the terror group ISIS was killed in northern Syria over the weekend, Turkish officials claimed Sunday.[more]

An official who served under the Obama and Biden administrations arranged private meetings with the infamous pedophile Jeffrey Epstein after…[more]

Bachman-Turner Overdrive Co-Founder Tim Bachman Dead

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Bachman-Turner Overdrive co-founder, Tim Bachman, passed away Friday after complications with cancer.[more]

Twitter Adds New Features As Competitors Grow

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Twitter alternatives are growing as the online platform continues to roll out new features.[more]

The private calendar of deceased financier and sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein shows meetings with international political and business leaders.[more]

Rep. Grace Meng denied a "personal relationship" with an alleged CCP operative arrested by the FBI last week, but photos…[more]

This was one of those moments where you double-take, wondering if it’s parody. [more]

Man wins lottery using ChatGPT

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ChatGPT is capable of doing many things for people these days, but I had never imagined that you could use…[more]

This is going to be hard for Blinken to explain away. [more]

You’ve heard of transgenderism, of course, as have your children ad nauseam if they are unfortunate enough to public school. You…[more]

The Lying Democrat of Week race was too close to call.[more]

The Democratic-run border city of El Paso, Texas, will declare a state of emergency Monday in anticipation of the end…[more]

America needs more brave students like these two boys.[more]

Democrats have a history of claiming to be the party of science. To them, their positions are objectively supported by…[more]

It might be a tad hyperbolic to call the phenomenon of LGBTQ+++™ prison rape of female inmates by male-to-female transgender…[more]

Considered armed and dangerous[more]

This may not be the definitive answer, but you don’t have to huff Drano to believe it and that is…[more]

Fox News poll on guns more confusion than anything

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Fox News poll results suggest massive support for gun control that most don’t think will do anything good.[more]

The responses of the people to the WSJ are fascinating. [more]

CIA Director William Burns met with deceased financier and sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein on multiple occasions after he was convicted…[more]

Lesbian dating app bans lesbians

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Some stories are simply too good to pass up and this is one of those. I had never heard of…[more]

Birthday cakes adorned with unspecified “hateful symbols” caught the attention of the University of California, Santa Cruz Vice Chancellor for…[more]