Inclusion is imperative.[more]

Incredible footage was shared to social media, revealing the moment when New Jersey state troopers found a lost 4-year old…[more]

The dad promises the school board members that he won’t back down.[more]

A European fisherman posted a video on social media Wednesday of a fish cut in two still somehow shotgunning a…[more]

NPR layoffs: employees blame racism and transphobia

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You have to hand it to the Left. No matter what happens they have an all-purpose way to whine about…[more]

Fox News host Tucker Carlson ripped the Department of Justice Friday over the conviction of Douglass Mackey for posting memes…[more]

The RESTRICT Act has the potential to provide President Joe Biden with "new authority" while doing nothing to stop the…[more]

A Trump supporter was convicted of election interference and faces up to ten years in prison because of a meme…[more]

Russia took an American hostage…again

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A total stranger offers his kidney to an old man on the last stage of his journey.[more]

When California Congressman Ted Lieu is the closest thing to the voice of reason about Donald Trump’s indictment on the…[more]

Weekend Parting Shot: Movie Review!

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In all sincerity, give yourself a break this weekend. Trust me, the world will still be going to hell in…[more]

LeBron James decides he won’t keep his Twitter blue check mark.[more]

Dang if I hate to admit McCarthy’s growing on me, even just a little, but…ach. Okay. He is. The latest…[more]

It’s a celebration of ‘individual identities.’[more]

The Justice Department announced Friday that a jury convicted Douglass Mackey over internet memes posted during the 2016 presidential election.[more]

These FBI events are exactly the sort of taxpayer-funded inanity that the self-esteem movement brings us.[more]

Feel-Good Friday: Lolita edition

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A return to home waters[more]

The third ‘transurrection’ at a state Capitol in three days.[more]

60 Minutes Has Gone Too Far

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Normalizing transgender activism has taken over media from “they-bies” being promoted to the allegation that men wearing makeup is more…[more]

Social Security Projected To Become Insolvent Even Sooner

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Social Security benefits are now projected to run out in 2033, which is one year earlier than previously reported.[more]

The shock poll comes at a time when the cost of attending America’s top colleges reaches astronomical prices.[more]

Amend your state constitutions to fortify your rights and tie down the hands of activist judges now while you can….[more]

Things are getting even worse at NPR after the recent layoffs that were announced.[more]