Like It or Not, We Have a Stake in The Russia-Ukraine War

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Ignore the Russia-Ukraine War if you wish, but it won’t return the favor.[more]

BREAKING: Lori Lightfoot Defeated in Chicago Mayor’s Race

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Some fond memories and reaction.[more]

A passenger train collided with a freight train in Greece just before midnight on Feb. 28, killing 29 and injuring[more]

Polls have officially closed in Chicago, where incumbent Mayor Lori Lightfoot is among a field of eight candidates hoping to…[more]

Stacey Abrams showed up in Nigeria this week to "observe" the nation's election, despite rejecting the results of her 2018…[more]

If the media and government hadn’t censored anyone who questioned COVID’s origins, we’d be further along in this investigation[more]

Lori Lightfoot Loses Bid For Re-Election As Chicago Mayor

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Lightfoot lost her bid for re-election Tuesday, sending leading challenger Paul Vallas and second-place candidate Brandon Johnson to an April…[more]

BREAKING: Lori Lightfoot Defeated Chicago Mayor’s Race

By @ 2023-09-27 14:57:42

Some fond memories and reaction.[more]

Polls have officially closed in Chicago, where incumbent Mayor Lori Lightfoot is among a field of eight candidates hoping to…[more]

FACT CHECK: Is Hillary Clinton ‘Going To Jail?’

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We’re not solving half of all murders today

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This is a disturbing story, but it runs far deeper than the recent spike in violent crime that has been…[more]

Department Of Agriculture Releases ‘Equity’ Plan For Farming

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The "Equity" Commission at the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) unveiled an interim report Tuesday with 32 recommendations for the…[more]

Tucker Carlson blasted Democrats for waging an "open war with nature" Tuesday, citing climate change and transgenderism as instances where…[more]

Inclusion goes down to the DNA.[more]

A guest at a DOE Black History Month Fireside Chat signed onto the Monday call with a land acknowledgement for…[more]

The USPS announced Tuesday that it will purchase electric vans from Ford, after Ford announced plans for for a partnership…[more]

A raft of protesters attempted to crash the first House Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) hearing Tuesday…[more]

FBI Director Christopher Wray denied that the FBI was “on either side” during an interview on Fox News where he…[more]

Spain’s radical socialist government has changed laws to decriminalize bestiality, giving perverts a green light to have sex with animals….[more]

John and I are both science fiction fans. I grew up with it, and it’s likely that the older libertarianish…[more]

Doing this job, you tend to end up eyeballing the news and news sites for much of your time. If…[more]

Illinois suppressor ban gets legal challenge

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The lawsuit seeks to use the Bruen decision to overturn the ban on suppressors in the state. It might possibly…[more]