Guidelines have come a long way.[more]

According to progressives, letting Jordan Peterson speak at a hockey arena is a crime against humanity, or something.[more]

The IRS has issued a ruling that there will be not one but two mileage deduction rates for your 2022[more]

Caucasian conservatives are ‘stoking gender panic.’[more]

Trump is calling for peace negotiations in Ukraine. All other likely Republican presidential candidates disagree.[more]

GM announced plans to invest $650 million in a Nevada lithium mine, operated by Lithium Americas, a firm whose largest[more]

Fox News host Tucker Carlson said Tuesday that the federal government “probably” will force Americans to eat insects in the…[more]

There’s been a big shift on the Omar vote. [more]

Enzo Fernandez is now a member of Chelsea after the club signed him from Benfica for a record release clause…[more]

An old geezer’s advice for newlyweds

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Last year, a friend with a daughter who was getting married went around and asked married couples if they had…[more]

Monkeys Stolen From Dallas Zoo Found At Abandoned House

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Two emperor tamarin monkeys believed to have been stolen from the Dallas Zoo have been found inside a closet at…[more]

What if DIE and CRT grifters had to hold bake sales and car washes to pay for their salaries?[more]

DC Project 2023 SHOT Show party, a solid scene

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I mentioned the other day I recently returned from my first SHOT Show. I covered some of the broad strokes…[more]

A new consumer survey shows 51% of Americans making more than $100,000 a year say they are living paycheck to[more]

Nina Turner, driving force behind restaurant automation

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Alec Baldwin’s reputation somehow just got even worse after this probable cause statement.[more]

YouTube superstar Logan Paul has announced a deal with Dana White & co. that will see his PRIME Energy brand…[more]

Alec Baldwin’s reputation somehow just got even worse after this probable cause statement.[more]

Former President Donald Trump announced his plan to combat gender ideology in schools and prohibit "gender-affirming" care on minors….[more]

Rep. Maxine Waters denied being a socialist after Rep. Chip Roy mentioned comments she made 15 years ago threatening a[more]

GAO going after school dress codes

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The Government Accountability Office argues that school dress codes can make students “unsafe” and can further racism and various alphabetphobias….[more]

Stephen Curry has made a pile of money in the NBA. Even in my most dedicated days as a sportswriter…[more]

That Joe and Jill Biden fail to condemn or even acknowledge this heinous activity speaks volumes. [more]

US not to blame for Latin American violence

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I spend a fair bit of my day actively hunting down stories involving guns, gun control, violence, etc. I mean,…[more]