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Five 2022 Deaths That Were Significant

By redstate.com @ 2023-09-25 22:48:05

In a year of many deaths, these five hit me the hardest.[more]

It’s a sad indictment of journalism today that reporters were fine with printing an unverified accusation that will smear an…[more]

If you truly wanted to give us a Happy New Year, Mr. Putin, you would exit stage left.[more]

College campuses were a hotbed of antisemitism this past year and experts warn that trend could continue if universities don't…[more]

Texas Border Patrol Apprehends 266K Migrants in Two Months

By pjmedia.com @ 2023-09-25 22:48:08

U.S. Border Patrol agents in five Texas border sectors have apprehended a stunning 266,000-plus illegal migrants just in October and…[more]


‘I used it for my multiple choice finals, two of them, and got a 95 on one of them and[more]

There are just so many…[more]


There’s never a good time to bring this up, but we need to.[more]

Don’t say it out loud! [more]

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Several new studies raise questions about how repeated mRNA COVID vaccines affect crucial immune functions.[more]

Comedy can lead us to the promised land of freedom of speech in 2023.[more]

I asked some fellow writers at PJ Media to chime in on the 2022 [more]

Eternal vigilance is the price of Liberty, and when the mainstream media abdicates its duty, liberty is imperiled.[more]

Multiple bison were killed after being a struck by a semi-truck Wednesday night just outside of Yellowstone National Park.[more]