Fight back against Big Tech-gov’t censorship!

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COVID rebound cases among the vaccinated don't seem to be that "rare" at all.[more]

"Things are not great. Everyone knows that."[more]

A former professional Montenegrin boxer was charged on Monday by the Department of Justice with trafficking over 20 tons of[more]

The true meaning of the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Amendments got a major boost from a fired up conservative majority.[more]

WWE Superstar Carmella Reveals She Had A Miscarriage

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WWE superstar Carmella revealed she had a miscarriage in a deeply personal message posted to her Instagram account Monday night….[more]

ANALYSIS: The Left’s Race Agenda Is On The Verge Of Collapse

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The Supreme Court is hearing two cases Monday, and their outcome could spell big trouble for the left's racial agenda….[more]

A man allegedly assaulted a candidate for the Pennsylvania state House of Representatives outside his home Monday.[more]

Fox News host Jesse Watters called out Gov. Gavin Newsom of California Monday night after Newsom claimed Watters “aided and…[more]

"I think Evers is going to have a hard time in Kenosha."[more]

On Nov. 1, Israel will go to the polls. Election Day in Israel is a nationwide public holiday, where even[more]

Twitter: empire strikes back take 2

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Editorial calling for magazine ban misses tons of points

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The editorial wants a magazine ban in Illinois, but their justification for such a ban is bizarre, to say the…[more]

NBC data analyst Steve Kornacki said Monday that Republicans had “massive advantages” when the public was polled on a number…[more]

Release Paul Pelosi’s 911 Call

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Not even Obama can save the Democrats now.[more]

Scientists: Maybe intelligence isn’t the end goal of AI

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They don't really seem sorry for the lockdowns [more]

A senior analyst for CNN claimed Monday that Democrats did not back efforts to defund police departments, despite public statements…[more]