As economy contracts, Biden considers canceling student loan debt

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(The Center Square) – President Joe Biden is considering canceling student loan debt for millions of Americans, a move critics…[more]

Highly unusual.[more]

Parents who lost their children to counterfeit pills laced with fentanyl spoke to the Daily Caller News Foundation in the…[more]

Early 20th-century artillery is about to encounter 21st-century artillery systems.[more]

Interesting choice.[more]

"everyone is up in arms because they don't like it."[more]

Nazi Comparisons

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On Saturday, Bishop Evans, the 22-year-old Texas National Guardsman, was laid to rest. His body was found on Monday, as…[more]

It's a complicated world.[more]

Did Greene and Boebert Nearly Have a Physical Altercation?

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In a new interview, the actor described the situation as a "difference of opinion" with a woman.[more]

Republicans currently hold an edge in the generic congressional ballot for the first time since 2014 according to a new[more]

Did Greene and Boebert Nearly Have a Physical Altercation?

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Joel Embiid Out Indefinitely After Fracturing Orbital Bone

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The Philadelphia 76ers will be without their best player to begin Monday's second round matchup with the Miami Heat due…[more]

Prepare for a lot of Democrats crying; it's going to be sweet…[more]

A private citizen in Sacramento barricaded a public street in an attempt to stop the disorder and crime plaguing the…[more]

Following Florida’s move to rescind Disney's exclusive self-governing provisions, a key executive falls on the sword….[more]

On Friday morning, POLITICO published a piece by Max Tani highlighting "The Rise and Fall of the Star White House…[more]

Head of corporate affairs quits after only three months[more]

Is this some of that disinformation the Biden administration is talking about? Jen Psaki claims that the Disinformation Governance Board…[more]

BREAKING: Naomi Judd of The Judds Passes Away

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Naomi Judd who, with her daughter Wynonna, was half of the tremendously successful country duo The Judds, has died at…[more]

Our weekly recognition of less-than-meritorious excellence in journalism is worthy of Pulitzer Prize consideration.[more]

NJ gun arrests suggest gun control laws aren’t working

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