Two Navy sailors were injured and one died after a Navy E-2D Hawkeye crashed Wednesday night near Wildcat Marsh in…[more]

Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul on Tuesday jokingly called for an investigation into Russian ties with environmentalists.[more]

REVIEW: ‘The Girl From Plainville’ Is Absolutely Terrifying

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Hulu's latest biopic miniseries "The Girl From Plainville" is absolute must-see television this spring season….[more]

CA touts gun seizures from a fraction of prohibited persons

By @ 2023-09-27 13:43:30

California took a lot of guns from prohibited people…unless you look at the numbers in context. Then you'll realize they…[more]

It’s not like we didn’t see this coming. The Left has fallen for the science fiction concerning gender and defining…[more]

From state legislatures, to Congress, to the White House, Democrats have had a losing message on providing Americans with relief…[more]

The House passed a bill that would cap the price of insulin at $35 a month, legislation that several moderates[more]

Ricky Gervais Laces Into Will Smith, Makes Fun Of His Character

By @ 2023-09-27 13:43:33

Ricky Gervais said he would have made fun of Will Smith if he were in comedian Chris Rock's shoes at…[more]

Why Is Everybody Ganging Up on Poor Hunter Biden?

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If The Big Guy has outlived his usefulness to whoever is running Joe Biden and telling him whom to call…[more]

Another GOP Governor Signs Law Protecting Girls’ Sports

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GOP Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt signed the “Save Women’s Sports Act” this week that prevents biological male athletes from competing…[more]

Members of Congress are sounding the alarm to the Biden administration over their plans to end the use of Title…[more]

Shocking Turn of Events in New York Redistricting Lawsuit

By @ 2023-09-27 13:43:36

HOLY COW! You absolutely love to see it. [more]

A jury awarded a woman over $5 million in damages after she accused her doctor of impregnating her with his[more]

First-year Georgetown Law students were taught that the concepts of property rights and “possession” were derived from slavery and racism….[more]

Survey: Americans trust GOP on gun policy, not Dems

By @ 2023-09-27 13:43:38

And it's not a particularly close call for most of the electorate.[more]

This is the first time any nation has done something this stupid[more]

The Trump administration's energy policy was crafted to avoid dependence on hostile nations like Russia, according to former Interior Secretary…[more]

Sen. Richard Blumenthal expressed concerns that LA Mayor Eric Garcetti looked the other way as a top aide sexually harassed…[more]

"detectives learned the identities of both students."[more]

A never-Trump Republican in New York can be seen allegedly illegally forging petition signatures in a parking lot in his…[more]

Ricky Gervais says the quiet part out loud about WIll and Jada Smith and you can't help but laugh….[more]

I don’t think Gov. Gavin Newsom can read. The California Democrat decided to post on Twitter some books he’s ‘reading’…[more]

(The Center Square) – The majority of Americans feel they are “falling behind” as the cost of living continues to…[more]

(The Center Square) – Ramping up oil production in West Texas and other U.S. states instead of relying on foreign…[more]