Producer Claims LAPD Was Prepared To Arrest Will Smith

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The producer of the Academy Awards, Will Packer revealed LAPD was prepared to lay battery charges against Will Smith[more]

We seem more interested in not offending Putin than we do in helping Ukraine kick him back to Russia.[more]

Calling All Patriots: How Do You Celebrate April Fools’ Day?

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Calling All Patriots![more]

Republican Virginia Rep. Bob Good mocked Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson on the House floor Thursday.  [more]

Frisky in Florida…[more]

MSNBC host Chuck Todd sparred with Republican North Dakota Sen. Kevin Cramer over Donald Trump urging Vladimir Putin to disclose…[more]

Andrew Breitbart was ahead of his time and his words hold as much weight now as they ever did.[more]

March 31 marked the "Transgender Day of Visibility," which the Biden administration celebrated rather enthusiastically. For the White House, and…[more]

Defensive gun use underscores our crisis in mental health

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A Louisiana father was forced to shoot and kill his son after the young man attacked his parents. [more]

"Why aren’t these jury questions?"[more]

You have to see what he had for help – and still, he couldn't get it right.[more]

Bowling Green State University announced it will permanently expel the university's chapter of the Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority due to…[more]

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and his wife Virginia 'Ginni' Thomas are again embroiled in a legacy media frenzy….[more]

Sometimes, guns are the answer

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While media outlets like programs that seek to minimize gun use among teens–programs we like too–they sometimes make idiotic statements,…[more]

Be all that you can be.[more]

Conservatives need to take better advantage when leftists make unforced errors and not allow leftist activists to dictate the narrative….[more]

On Thursday, the U.S. House of Representatives voted 232-193 to pass H.R. 6833 – Affordable Insulin Now Act, which would…[more]

With shootings up 17% in the city this year, it's hard to claim that Adams' strategy has been a success….[more]

Supermodel Emily Ratajkowski posted some of the riskiest Instagram photographs Thursday.[more]

A reporter questioned Kate Bedingfield Thursday on whether the White House "stands by" President Joe Biden's remarks on his son,…[more]

Moore to the Point: Disney Has Lost Its Way

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It’s time for The Mouse to quit chasing its tail.[more]