The Media Is The Least Of Naomi Osaka’s Problems

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Were the Wars Wise? Were They Worth It?

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Through the long Memorial Day weekend, anyone who read the newspapers or watched television could not miss or be unmoved[more]

How to Unwoke Your School Board

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Theres a vicious pandemic that no vaccine will cure, and its called Critical Race Theory (CRT.) T[more]

Does Anyone Actually Like Adam Schiff?

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He hasnt been in the news much, which should tell you something about all the allegations he threw around during[more]

Poppies of Flanders Fields

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General Eisenhower: Remember the Road Not Taken

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Robert Frosts iconic poem, memorized by generations of schoolchildren, reflects on one mans choice between two roads that diverged in[more]

Suddenly, 'The Population Bomb' Is a Population Bust

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Overpopulation was to the 1960s, ’70s and ’80s what climate change is today.[more]

Kevin McCarthy Wants to Arm His Caucus for the 2022 Battle

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For Republicans to win back the majority in the House, Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said GOP candidates, whether they are[more]

U.S. Taxpayers Don’t Want to Fund Abortion

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Abortion activists frequently argue that abortion should be a private choice between a woman and her doctor.[more]

Amazon Offers 'Blue Lives Murder' Apparel

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