The Israelis Are Amazing — and So Is the Left

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Bad News for Progressives: It's Still a Conservative Country

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Has Bibi Boxed Biden in on Iran?

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If Israel, as is universally believed and has not been denied, was behind the assassination of Iran’s leading nuclear scientist,[more]

When the COVID Narrative and Science Collide

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The entire existence of a media fact-checker is a reality of redundancy.[more]

Worship the State, or Else

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Customer Shoots, Kills Robber In Philly Restaurant Holdup

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The Philadelphia police are facing multiple lawsuits at the moment over their slow-walking of concealed carry applications, which has left[more]

Three CA Men Face Federal Gun Trafficking Charges

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California has some of the toughest gun control laws in the nation. They’re restrictive in almost any way you can[more]

President’s Path to Reelection Continues to Narrow

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President Trump continues to fight to expose the fraud surrounding the 2020 election. The forces aligned against him in this[more]

AZ Student’s Suicide Prompts Call For Waiting Periods

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Suicide is something that many of us have a difficult time wrapping our heads around. What could be so bad[more]

ATF Pistol Brace Shenanigans A Sign Of Things To Come?

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It’s looking increasingly likely that the ATF is going to be a weaponized tool of gun control activists in an[more]

The Great Gun Run of 2020 continued on Black Friday, as the FBI’s National Instant Check System reported 186,645 checks[more]

PN Governor Vetos Bill To Allow Gun Carry During Emergencies

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Pennsylvania is something of a battleground state, with a large urban population that votes Democrat and a large rural population[more]

Gun Rights Groups Seek To Capitalize On Barrett Confirmation

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Amy Coney Barrett has already made a difference on the Supreme Court, but there’s still a lot more to do.[more]

Cyber Monday Stocking Stuffers For 2A Fans

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Looking for some affordable gifts or stocking stuffers for the gun owners in your life? We’ve got you covered with[more]

Iran’s top nuclear scientist was assassinated on Friday, gunned down as he and his wife were headed to a resort[more]

NYC Trauma Doc Laments Lack Of New Gun Control Laws

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The media seems to love them some anti-gun trauma doctors. It seems they never miss an opportunity to quote one[more]

Disabled Man Fends Off Home Invader After Police Fail To Respond

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As gun owners, we’re well aware of the adage that “when seconds count, police are only minutes away.” Bill Norkunas,[more]

Kentucky Illustrates Growing Urban-Rural Divide

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There’s always been something of a divide between the urban parts of the country and the rural parts. The terms[more]

Public Polls Blew It. Here's How They Can Fix Their Mess.

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Personnel Is Policy

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The Trump administration is reportedly considering withdrawing the approximately 700 U.S. troops in Somalia.[more]

CDC Counts Lowest Abortion Numbers Since Roe v. Wade

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The Common Tongue

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