Unless the Lord Builds the House

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Big Tech’s Assault on American Democracy

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Vote: It’s a Sin if You Don’t

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Politicians on both sides of the aisle agree: voting is our essential duty as Americans.[more]

Corrupt Media are Biggest Biden Donors

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In the Face of Unrelenting Contempt, the President Endures

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When I started writing this study, I planned to avoid mentioning the election.[more]

History Demands We Wake Up the Woke

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Media Cheer ‘Thank God for Abortion’ Music Video

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Do Not Take Your Foot Off the Pedal of Prayer

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Only a Trump Tsunami Can Checkmate a Chinese Tsunami

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How I Went From 'Trump Skeptic' to 'Trump Fan'

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What’s At Stake On Tuesday.

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President Trump deserves to win on November 3rd.

The post What’s At Stake On Tuesday. appeared first on <a[more]

San Francisco Man Turns Tables On Armed Robbers

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Many criminals prey more on fear than anything else. They present a firearm not necessarily because they intend to shoot[more]

University Of Miami Official Demands Removal Of Pro-2A Sign

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A University of Miami official demanded that the campus College Republicans club take down a sign that read “I’m Pro-Choice.[more]

Onward and Upward: Trump 2020

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A Pledge To Repeal Tariffs Is Crucial For Both Candidates

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As both presidential candidates enter the final stretch towards Election Day, Vice President Biden continues to hold a lead in[more]

Can Hate Win an Election?

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Newly issued coverage marks a major step forward.[more]

The Chief Executive Officers of Facebook, Twitter and Google were recently subpoenaed to testify before the Senate Commerce Committee about[more]

Obama Must Campaign for Biden, But He Won't Persuade Anyone

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The Chinese Connection: From the Clintons to Biden, Inc.

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In The French Connection, the iconic 1971 film starring Gene Hackman as the grisly New York City detective Popeye Doyle,[more]