Chip Chip volunteers to help Tulsi Gabbard serve Hillary Clinton legal papers. Thank you so much to Sarah Pauline for[more]

He went there.[more]

The U.K. has officially left the E.U. and is not looking back.[more]

Honoring the Memory of the Holocaust

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Monday, January 27 was International Holocaust Remembrance Day.[more]

Fake News Champion CNN Honored by Communists

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I wonder why a journalist for the press agency CNN should be honored in such a manner by a totalitarian[more]

Late last year, the movement to raise the legal age for buying tobacco products from 18 years to 21 scored[more]

Communists Honor Fake News Champion CNN

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Begin the Health Care Reform Discussion with H.R. 856

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The combination of the demise of Obamacare and the forthcoming presidential election puts the issue of health care reform in[more]

The Play's the Thing!

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Everyone is made in the image and likeness of God.[more]


President’s Trump’s Realism.

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The President is no ideologue; that’s what makes his foreign policy so effective.

The post President’s Trump’s Realism. appeared[more]

Move over, 1776.[more]


New Lawsuit Takes On Illinois State Police Over FOID Card Issues

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Illinois requires every gun owner in the state to possess a Firearms Owner ID card before they can legally possess[more]

Now that’s fun…[more]

Now that’s fun…[more]

If you’re running as the true disciple of Donald Trump, you might have to explain this one.[more]

Virginia County Sees Surge In Concealed Carry Applications

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AP Photo/Steve Helber Virginia Governor Ralph Northam isn’t just selling a lot of guns in Virginia these days. He’s also[more]

The Billionaire passes the fake Indian in national polling.[more]

This Is How the Senate Trial of President Trump Ends

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The end of this crap is in sight…maybe[more]

We should pay all deference to her legal opinion as we have all of her others.[more]

The House votes to initiate the Nixon and Clinton inquiries were bipartisan[more]

About damn time that this got into the public record[more]

The video platform known as “Tik Tok” looks like a really fun place to be at the outset. It’s filled[more]