Don’t mess with Linsdey. Or Trump. Or America.[more]

Woah: New Poll Shows Trump Winning In…Virginia

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Part of a bigger trend.[more]

Is California listening?[more]

A message has been sent, will the Iranians pay any attention[more]

They’re at it again[more]

Some people can’t be helped.[more]

The One 2020 New Year’s Resolution We Should All Make

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One of the easiest things you can do going into the new year – and it doesn’t cost a dime.[more]

Joe Biden to Miners: Learn to Code

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His handlers have to be pulling their hair out.[more]

Not the same, not even close[more]

New life is here, if we want it.[more]

How Four Pages Could Transform Health Care

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Media Yawn at the War on Christians

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Stuck in a Basement in San Francisco

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Elizabeth Warren Anoints Herself God

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A Nightmare Scenario in the 2020 Election

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US Health Care: From Gold Rush to Highway Robbery

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When Anti-Semitism Doesn't Matter

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As We Move Into New Decade, at Look at Life 100 Years Ago

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Kim Jong Un, Choose Your Future

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Getting the Goods on Schiff

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Remember last year when Reid claimed that someone had hacked her computer and written homophobic posts?[more]

As I write this the US embassy in Baghdad is under siege. Mobs led by an Iranian supported and directed[more]

Another bureaucratic success story.[more]


When Satire Hits Way Too Close To Home

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For years, I was a huge fan of the satire site, The Onion. I loved how they would make these[more]