That’s taking the job seriously

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Oklahoma Constitutional Carry Law Goes Into Effect Nov. 1

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I do not live in a constitutional carry state. That’s a shame. That said, I do feel a bit of[more]

Republicans must make it their mission to publicize every corrupt move they make.

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Nope, media is not biased at all

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It doesn’t mean anything because the truth is irrelevant

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Texas Paper Bashes Second Amendment Sanctuary Movement

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I’m not surprised to see a big-city paper come out against the growing Second Amendment Sanctuary movement, even in Texas.[more]

It’s not just weird, it’s sad.

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Woof! Trump Announces Hero Dog Is Coming to the White House

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I remember how much I loved Halloween as a kid. I didn’t do much trick-or-treating because of some food allergies,[more]

Hopefully, not coming soon to your local library…

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Hopefully, not coming soon to your local library…

The post Sick: Drag Queen Mimics Cutting Brutal Abortion and Dismembering[more]

Anti-Gun Politicians Try To Tax Self-Defense

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A proposed tax on firearms and ammunitions has been delayed by Tacoma, Washington city council members, but it will soon be back[more]

Poll Finds Strong Support For Gun Control In New Jersey

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I don’t remember a time when we saw so many polls on support for gun control. However, it now seems[more]

With the Democrats partisan vote Thursday toward impeachment as a backdrop, Judicial Watch continues to relentlessly release documents related to[more]

We, The People, Demand Action from the Political Class

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We must restore our government and cultural institutions to what the Founders envisioned long ago. We’ll get there by electing[more]

Iowa Paper’s Deceiving Headline Smears Prosecutor As Anti-Gun

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I confess, my blood started boiling when I saw the headline “Scott County Attorney: Community Must Reject Gun Culture” in the Quad-City[more]

You can’t make an illegitimate procedure legitimate by simply voting on it

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Democratic presidential primary candidate Andrew Yang isn’t exactly as gung-ho as the rest of his party when it comes to[more]

A blatant attempt at a stupid lie.

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