Bourbon On The Rocks Interview With Kathy Blanke

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Duke continues his interviews of candidates running for city council in Fraser, Michigan with Mayor Pro-Tem Kathy Blanke who talks[more]

It’s almost as if modern technology exists for a reason.

The post Climate Activists Spent Four Weeks Sailing[more]

A Democrat Representative in Pennsylvania was caught on camera calling a miscarried child “just a mess on a napkin” during[more]

The curriculum could go into effect as early as May of next year.

The post Texas School Board Approves[more]

As Impeachment Looms Donald Trump Surges in Major Polls

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Maybe impeachment isn’t such a great electoral strategy after all

The post As Impeachment Looms Donald Trump Surges in[more]

Great news!

The post Breaking: 40 Conservative Groups File Ethics Complaint Against Nancy Pelosi appeared first on <a rel="nofollow"[more]

Jane Fonda's New Socialist Stunts

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One of the strangest things about liberals is how they think getting arrested is some kind of achievement.[more]

In a misguided hit-pieceJustice Gorsuch is wrong: originalist judges make stuff up tooKim Wehle renews a discredited objection to originalism.[more]

The Coming Algorithm Civil War

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Last week, Katherine Miller at BuzzFeed published an essay on how the 2010s “broke our sense of time.”[more]

Exposing the Fraud of Socialism

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People seem shocked that recent polls show millennials are enamored of socialism — an economic system that reasonable and educated[more]

Why Kids Are Socialists and How to Start Fixing It

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You may be happy with the state of the U.S. economy, but many young people aren’t.[more]

Boris Johnson Headed to Big Brexit Victory?

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It has been 1,225 days since an all-time-high turnout of British voters chose, by a 52 to 48% margin, to[more]

50 Years Ago: The Day Nixon Routed the Establishment

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What are the roots of our present disorder, of the hostilities and hatreds that so divide us?[more]

100 Years of Patriotism and Duty – The American Legion

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One hundred years ago representatives of numerous units of the American Expeditionary Force (AEF), the United States World War I[more]

Man Who Held Up Pawn Shop With Flare Gun Gets Federal Time

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We constantly hear gun control supporters talk about how we need to ban guns. This, they tell us, will keep[more]

More furry friends making America a safer place.

The post The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library Was Saved With[more]

Harris’ campaign continues to struggle

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Virginia is heating up to be a key battleground state in the fight for gun rights. It’s also not looking[more]