Failing Candidate Demands Dems Adopt His Gun Control Plans

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I can’t help but wonder if Beto O’Rourke is getting ready to end his campaign for president. His “campaign reset”[more]

Schiff is a lying, obnoxious, shameless, soulless, pompous, repulsive reptile.

The post All Pumped Up with Impeachment Fever, Schiff[more]

Massachusetts has some of the toughest gun control laws in the nation, a fact the state is quite proud of.[more]

Decision Looms For SCOTUS On New York City Gun Case

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On today’s Bearing Arms’ Cam & Co., I’m joined by Tom King, executive director of the New York State Rifle and[more]

Yep…right on all counts

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When there’s a police shooting, there are always questions about what happened and why. Was the suspect armed? Did they[more]

A stunningly advanced case of Trump Derangement Syndrom.

The post Nancy Pelosi Has Lost It, Says She’s Willing to[more]

I Am Thankful for My “Unwoke” Parents

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Too read more on this subject see: A Drug Being Used To Stop Puberty In Transgender Children Has Killed Over[more]

FBI Says Murder And Violent Crime Both Declined In 2018

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File this under “good news that won’t make too many headlines”; the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s released its Uniform Crime[more]

Being in the media means you never have to say you’re sorry

The post The Hate Crime Hit on[more]

We should all be bringing up Clinton. 

The post Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Understand Why Trump Keeps Talking About Her[more]

One of the largest, ongoing, rolling government scams? Using taxpayer money to fund “research” – so as to generate “studies.”[more]


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Activists Work To Overturn Arkansas Campus Carry Law

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Arkansas is one of many states where people who are authorized to carry a firearm can do so on college[more]

Ed Stack, the golfing buddy of Michael Bloomberg and CEO of Dick’s Sporting Goods, has a new book coming out[more]

The Odessa shooting was the latest rampage by a crazed maniac. Like far too many attacks, the murderer took innocent[more]

Homeless In Seattle, Part 1: High-Tech & The Homeless

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A warm reception for a cool character The box office has been warming up the past few weeks with quality[more]