Man’s Gun Collection May Be Destroyed By Authorities

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Most of our readers have guns. Based on the average number of guns reported per firearm owner, our readers have[more]

As the arrival of the infamous fall flavoring is here WaPo manages to find reasons why it is something to[more]

Pharma Regulations Bite Worse Than Snakes

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Overregulation is killing competition in the pharmaceutical industry. Rather than letting markets work, companies are essentially allowed monopolies that drive[more]

“Sorry the feds confiscated your plane…”

The post Dana Loesch Levels Michael Avenatti in Back and Forth Over His[more]

What’s going on in China?

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Modern day robber barons and their Davos apologists setting the agenda

The post What’s going on in China? appeared[more]

The “Existential” Reelection of President Trump

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Making America great (again) is not a 4-year task

The post The “Existential” Reelection of President Trump appeared first[more]

Washington risks killing the goose that laid the golden egg.

The post Republicans Shouldn’t be in the Business of[more]

A couple of days ago we had the kid in Colorado who was temporarily barred from school after his mom took him[more]

Snowflake queen AOC throws yet another petty temper tantrum.

The post AOC Chided Bret Stephens’ Bedbug Reaction, but Her[more]

Women In Ranger School, The Politicization Of Our Military

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There is more fallout from President Obama’s politicization of our Military. In a two part series, The Daily Caller adapted[more]

I’m only writing about Joe Walsh because at some point the NeverTrump folks who insisted that voting for Hillary Clinton[more]

U.S. Government Facing Insolvency if Nothing Changes

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Unequal Justice

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Do The Ends Justify The Means?

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Twitter's Political Bias

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US Government Facing Insolvency if Nothing Changes

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The HHS civil rights office has sent a notice of violation to the University of Vermont Medical Center for pressuring[more]