Jimmy Carter Afflicted With Russian Fever

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Leftism’s Destruction of America

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Forgiving All Student Loans: Is This Socialism?

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The Clown Show Cometh

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What Is America?

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Chernobyl and Concentration Camps

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These awful lies will come back to haunt Democrats in 2020, just as the lies of Chernobyl brought down the[more]

    After the first Democratic debate this week, Bill Maher had a piece of advice for 10 Oval Office[more]

AntiFa Brutally Assault Journalist During Portland Protest

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AntiFa militants robbed and assaulted journalist Andy Ngo during a livestreamed demonstration in downtown Portland on Saturday.

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The religious landscape is certainly changing.

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Members of a US-bound migrant caravan stand on a road after federal police briefly blocked their way outside the town[more]

What did they think they were endorsing?

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Sanctions causing “bone-breaking” pain.

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AOC sees usefulness in Christianity, not Christ.

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We’re looking at a very large shadow cast by a very small rabbit. 

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Reddit is filthy with left-leaning conspiracy theories and calls for radicalism.

The post Reddit Ignores Calls for Violence On[more]

A risky strategy?

The post How GOP Insiders View Trump’s ‘Base-Only’ 2020 Strategy appeared first on RedState.