Florida’s Red Flag Law A Model, But It Shouldn’t Be

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The shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School was a horrific tragedy. That’s something that is beyond debate. You either[more]

You’re ‘Jessie’ from now on. You don’t get the ‘u’ no more.

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The Colonel Rides the Buffer

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Happy Sunday! Many thanks to my good friend Streiff for standing in for me last week while I was busily[more]

So much for the myth of the unbiased press we are supposed to adore and cherish

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Truth can be the most devastating form of mocker

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If they’re right, they’re in trouble.

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Those Wanting Medicare for All Have Not Been on Medicare

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Medicare is far from free. Less paperwork and figuring out what is or isnt covered notwithstanding, decisions still have[more]

AOC: An Outrageous Congresswoman

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It's Time to Turn the Hunters Into the Hunted

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It’s time to relentlessly special counsel the Democratic Party into oblivion.[more]

Charity vs. Gum-Flapping

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White Men Really Are The Worst

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And that’s what liberals really seek to destroy — the entrepreneurial spirit that allows anyone to make of their[more]


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Most people don’t understand what they’re asking for.

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Science and God

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Why do all these “accidents” always go in one direction?

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New Zealand unveils plan to kidnap, murder gun owners

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Registration is confiscation

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Another blow for Joe Biden. At the same fundraiser where he allegedly “inhaled” Lucy Flores’ hair and planted a “big,[more]

Let it go.

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Don’t Cede the Terms of Discussion to AOC

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Never cede the terms of the discussion to someone with Third Grade Ideas All of us on the conservative side[more]

Take heart, Kim Foxx. Your office isn’t the only one which reeks of corruption.

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