The Pasadena Republican Club is suing the city. As reported by Pasadena Now, the Book Club had scheduled an event[more]

    In an interview with Fox News Friday, the mayor of Tijuana said the people responsible for putting together[more]

On Friday, Florida Gov. Rick Scott officially suspended Broward County elections supervisor Brenda Snipes from her duties. She’d occupied the[more]

    You’ve heard of “bum fight.” How about Dumb Fight? A New Jersey mayor got in a fist fight[more]

Yale Installs Campus Vending Machine for Abortion Drug

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    “Hey, baby. Wanna hang out? Maybe we can walk down to the Student Center, grab a Coke, and[more]

Is Elon Musk a Capitalist or a Crony?

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Republican leaders in Congress should ignore Musk on this issue when voting next week on tax extender legislation.[more]

Bad News From California

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During my time as a Congressman, I was involved in the easing of American sanctions on Cuba.[more]

Build the Border Wall or Say Goodbye to America

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The Iranian peoples desire for a new future is stronger than their fear of the regime. The West should recognize[more]

Wisconsin 2018 Deer Hunting – The Face of Real Gun Safety

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Defending Marc Lamont Hill is not a good look.

The post Marvel’s “Incredible Hulk” Actor Mark Ruffalo is[more]

Wow. In Louisiana, there’s a school called the T.M. Landry College Preparatory School. The private institution’s made quite a name[more]

I’ve stayed out of the whole mess between a group of physicians and the National Rifle Association. In case you[more]

    I LOVE a good Geraldo fight — whether it be 80’s Rivera getting hit with a chair on[more]

That was as awkward as it was hilarious.

The post WATCH: Code Pink Co-Director Clowns Herself with Marc[more]

    C’mon, folks! If it were a left-wing publication, surely many would find it difficult to believe it was[more]

Man Shoots Himself In The Groin in Walmart Meat Department

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A ton of people will carry their firearms inside the waistband of their pants near the appendix area. I, for one,[more]

Pro-Life Businesses to Support This Christmas

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This time of year, a lot of us are doing more shopping than usual. We don’t really want to celebrate[more]