One of the problems with red flag laws is that unless the laws are written very specifically, they’re ripe for[more]

    For eight years, the mainstream media — actually, all of the Left — had bruised knees: for two[more]

The Amazing Story Of How Trolling By Obama Gave Us Trump

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This is more plausible than anything else we’ve heard

The post The Amazing Story Of How Trolling By Obama[more]

People are Offering Ruth Bader Ginsburg Their Organs

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The cult of Ruth Bader Ginsburg may officially have reached fever pitch now that people have started offering her their[more]

Forbes: Gun Owners Find It Hard To Be Reasonable

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I don’t expect much fair treatment from the media. As a gun owner and writer, I look at my colleagues[more]

The more we learn the more it is obvious that requiring police officers to wear body cameras is critical to[more]

The President and the media should not be friends

The post Our National Media Should ALWAYS Be Considered an[more]

Will wonders never cease. We who follow the goings-on in Washington, D.C. – are used to not a lot of[more]

    This is your tax dollars at work, folks. The National Institutes of Health is conducting a study that[more]

Would Justice Kavanaugh Support Training Requirements On Guns?

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The way anti-gunners are going nuts about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, you’d think he wants to overturn every gun[more]

    On Monday, the Supreme Court rejected the White House’s request to stop proceedings in a landmark environmental lawsuit.[more]

    A political action committee founded by the greatest of all presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton, has donated $130,000 to[more]

What action should Sweden take? In the face of girls as young as six-years-old being married to older men, I[more]

GOA Statement On 3-D Printed Guns

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(Erich Pratt, Executive Director of GOA/Townhall Media photo) Right now, the anti-gunners are all in a tizzy. They’re all screaming[more]

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s primary win in the14th district of New York was astounding. With no experience and a political[more]

Welcome to another edition of Tuesday’s Water Cooler, Redstate’s only open thread where Tuesday is dedicated to the culture wars.[more]

Vice Reports On Gun Debate, Fails To Delve Into Vital Stats

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It will surprise no one to learn that Vice isn’t exactly pro-gun. However, they recently released a video delving into the[more]

    Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort is headed for the courtroom. Manafort’s much-talked-about trial starts Tuesday, but the Left[more]

    According to recent satellite images, North Korea is building…take a wild guess… new missiles! The confetti isn’t to[more]

Maxine Waters Wants to Nullify Your Tax Break

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The Democratic Party doesnt like the tax break Americans received through President Trumps tax cut bill.[more]

The Question We Should Be Asking About Trayvon Martin

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Getting beyond the narratives both sides push.

The post The Question We Should Be Asking About Trayvon Martin[more]

Jim Acosta, Horrified: Someone Shouted at the White House

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  Jim Acosta’s upset. Someone did something to him that he considers inexcusable: on Monday, somebody shouted at him. Yes[more]

    Congressional hopeful Hank Linderman knows how to deal with the nation’s millions of illegal aliens. And how can[more]