Trump's Budget: $984 Billion Deficit Next Year

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When you read the budget message President Donald Trump sent Congress earlier this year, you soon come across a concession[more]

French President Emmanuel Macron has been labeled “the Trump whisperer” by some members of the media for his relationship with[more]

Chuck Todd Sneers at Trump's 'Playbook'

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Over Memorial Day weekend, NBC’s Chuck Todd opened his show “Meet the Press” by angrily lecturing his viewers about a[more]

Don't Rush to Condemn Basement-dwelling Slacker

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It breaks my heart to say this, but the entire country is dead wrong about poor Michael Rotondo, the 30-year-old[more]

Hard Lesson for a Little Old Hardware Store

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The Culture War reached into the quiet Washington D.C. exurban town of Purcellville, Va. last week.[more]

Starbucks Dies at 47; Took Specialty Coffee Mainstream

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The Starbucks Corporation, which is credited with bringing premium coffee into the American mainstream, died this week as a parody[more]

Target Criminal Behavior, Not Guns

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Welcome to summer in the American ghetto.[more]

China's Belt and Road Initiative, Camouflaged in Silk

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Think of it as a revived Silk Road, Chinese President Xi Jinping said in 2013 when he announced China would[more]

  Morgan Freeman is dropping the boom on CNN. An attorney for the Oscar winner has demanded CNN retract its[more]

Professional Gun Cleaning? It’s A Thing, Apparently

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Maybe I’m weird, but while I hate sweeping and mopping the floor or washing the dishes, I enjoy cleaning my[more]

On Memorial Day, Radio, Tom Selleck, and Mustaches

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  Sometimes the news makes me want to get in a time machine and truck it back to an era[more]

BREAKING: MO Governor Greitens Makes Bombshell Announcement

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FILE – In this Jan. 20, 2018, file photo, Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens listens to a question during an interview[more]

The Transparency of Hollywood’s Fauxtrage Over Roseanne

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Latest Plan To Counter NRA? Tax Dollars Funding Elections

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The NRA is the biggest boogeyman of the anti-gun zealot. Hands down. It’s not that the NRA is a radical[more]

Roseanne Out at ABC

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What a wasted opportunity.

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Two families that lost loved ones in the Valentine’s Day mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School are looking[more]

lies, damned lies, and a reporter’s Twitter account

The post Calm Down, There Was No “Prison Bus for Babies”[more]

What’s the Matter with ‘Star Wars’?

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The box-office disappointment of ‘Solo’ isn’t about fatigue, it’s about…

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More At Play In Iceland’s Lack Of Murders By Gun Than Laws

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Every time the media wants to push for new gun laws, they look to Europe. They find a low-crime European[more]

Supreme Court Hands Down Another Pro-Fourth Amendment Ruling

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A good day for the Fourth Amendment

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There’s something odd that happens after a shooting. In the immediate aftermath, anti-gun forces will coalesce around the incident, screaming[more]

A small victory, but a victory nonetheless

The post Planned Parenthood Suffers an Unexpected Defeat at the Supreme Court[more]

Kim Jong-un needs the summit more than Donald Trump

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And Mr. Trump is smart enough to see that.

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We have for years now been pointing out the titanic folly of what passes for “free trade” in our nation’s[more]