Sean Penn Loses His Marbles

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Tariffs may be necessary to leverage true free trade agreements.[more]

Hollywood Made a Great Movie About a Kennedy Tragedy

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Conservatives expectations for honest and fair movies coming out of Hollywood are understandably low. For decades now we have[more]

Trying the Golden Rule in Washington

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The Most Important Weekend in History

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The death of Jesus of Nazareth reshaped the map, gave us a common set of idiomatic expressions, brought down empires,[more]

Op-Ed Argues ‘Gun Culture’ Is Fiction

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Guns have been part of the American fabric since the founding of this nation. Privately held firearms were here in[more]

An international student attending the University of Central Florida will face deportation after UCF police responded to reports of “disturbing[more]

Illinois Man Uses AR-15 To Save A Life

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Time and time again, we’re told that there’s absolutely no reason to have an AR-15 except to take a human[more]

Surprising No One, Gun Grabbers Hate ‘Eddie Eagle’

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The National Rifle Association’s “Eddie Eagle” program is a long running firearms safety program first conceived in the late 80s[more]

Chicago Teachers Taking Free Concealed Carry Classes

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When we think of anti-gun cities, Chicago sits right in our Top Five list. However, since the Supreme Court’s decision[more]

Politicians like Feinstein need to know their place.

The post Dianne Feinstein and Politicians Like Her Seem to be[more]

Politicians like Feinstein need to know their place.

The post Dianne Feinstein – Politicians Like Her Seem to be[more]

Larry King Gives Bizarre History Lesson On The Second Amendment

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For some odd reason, gun control activists and those who would like to see a complete repeal of the Second[more]

Anti-Gun Professor Sends Harassing Email To Pro-Gun Scholar

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When you’re vocally pro-gun, you get some interesting correspondences from time to time. It seems that if you’re in favor[more]

A cookie-cutter leftist protest with a different brand of sprinkles on it.

The post The March for Our Lives[more]

Trump’s concern for “the little guy” is a political affectation for people in red baseball caps.

The post Trump[more]

Sources say President Trump is doing things on his own, now.

The post John Kelly Left out of[more]

I rarely watch sitcoms anymore. And I can’t tell you the last time I made a point to catch the[more]

Conservatism’s Next Voice: Ben Shapiro Heads To Radio

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A viral sensation because of his prolific writing resume, videos of arguments against liberal activists, and contentious university speeches, the[more]

March For Our Lives Not Quite What It Was Billed As

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By now, you’ve heard about the so-called March For Our Lives. Supposedly spearheaded by a bunch of kids, the march[more]

The Tradition Continues: Baseball’s Opening Day is Here!

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Baseball’s back! It’s time to celebrate Opening Day! The schedule today (all times Eastern, sorry): Cubs at Marlins, 12:40pm Cardinals[more]

This may not go the way you expected.

The post Boycott EVERYTHING: Slight Taunt Breaks the Focus of[more]

Another Awesome Tweet from Senator Ted Cruz

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From the diaries Senator Cruz is a Twitter master. I see RedState front page contributors point this out pretty often,[more]