Evil Weed or Good Cash Crop?

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Yes, They Are Coming for Your Guns

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I dont trust the government and this country was established on that bedrock principle.[more]

Christianity is True Even If Some of the Bible Isn’t

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Trump, Democrats Create Logjam in Confirmation of Diplomats

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When President Barack Obama owned the Oval Office, Democrats complained about Republican obstructionism. Now they extol obstructionism as resistance.[more]

Coinciding with the Easter celebration of Jesus Christs resurrection the foundational basis of Christianity is the annual controversy[more]

Democrats and Their Human Shields

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Iowa Passes First Hurdle in Guaranteeing Gun Rights in the State

By bearingarms.com @ 2023-09-25 23:12:20

As states across the country are considering new gun legislation in the wake of the Parkland shooting, and the feds[more]

Georgia Teacher Required Students To Push For Gun Control

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When I was in school, my teachers often urged us to be politically active. Since I went to school in[more]

Secret Service Looks At 2017 Active Shooters

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Right now, everyone is very on edge about active shooters. While they’re pretty rare, they’re also media spectacles that demand[more]

Climate Chaos Claims Continue Causing Consternation

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From the Oakland v. oil company lawsuit to ridiculous research, the onslaught never ends.[more]

20 Questions You’re Not Supposed to Ask in 2018 America

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Does Easter Island's Tragedy Predict Our Society's Collapse?

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Kristof leads back into ignorance, not forward.[more]

Trenton Should Cut Taxes, Not Increase Subsidies

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Its political leaders are refusing to address the elephant in the room that is crippling blue-collar families by hindering job[more]

Emma Gonzalez, in case you hadnt heard, is the daughter of a refugee who graciously found refuge in Second Amendment-blessed[more]

The Shifts Behind the Shootings

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Observations from a cold-case detective and author.[more]

California is Still Very Much America

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And worth fighting for.[more]

Regulatory Bump Stock Ban Far From A Done Deal

By bearingarms.com @ 2023-09-25 23:12:27

Following the Las Vegas shooting, the nation became sharply divided on the subject of bump stocks. Despite having been available[more]

Chelsea Handler Illustrates The Ignorance Of The Anti-Gun Left

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I’m not entirely sure why Chelsea Handler is famous. I’ve never seen anything she’s ever done except spout idiocy on[more]

Public Responds After School Refused NRA Grant

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One of the things the National Rifle Association does is provide grants for school rifle teams. It’s a sport few people[more]

Vermont House Passes New Firearm Restrictions

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The whole point of the gun control movement is to convince other people to buy into the delusion that that[more]

Does the Pope Believe in Hell?

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This Is What You Call a Conservative Budget?

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More Candor on Census and Citizenship

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Solidarity Again

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Which is why it was good news when Donald J. Trump, president of these often less than United States of[more]

This week, retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens wrote an op-ed in The New York Times that advocated a[more]