Maxine Waters Delivers Fifth Democrat Party Response on BET

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She’s an average teleprompter reader

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A change to the memo after the vote to release it to the public may render the initial vote null[more]

The South Carolina congressman has butted heads with certain members of his own party over the direction some are pressing[more]

that was in English at no more than eighth grade level so I’m sure it was understood

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Devin Nunes Has a Strong Message and a Challenge for the FBI

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this obstruction stuff is catching like wildfire

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Anti-Trump Texts Aren’t All This FBI Agent Was Writing

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Well, this is a new twist.

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So You Want To Be A Conservative Writer?

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Here are some tips.[more]

The State of President Trump

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If he maintains the discipline he demonstrated Monday, Trump’s approval ratings and his chances of getting some of his agenda[more]

Can Schools Really Ban 'Best Friends'?

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One of the worst things that happens to adults is that they forget what it’s like to be a kid.[more]

Rep. Joe Kennedy (D-Mass.), a rising star in the Democratic Party, was tapped to respond to President Trumps first State[more]

Lying, Spying and Hiding

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Everyone in government takes an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. How many take it meaningfully and seriously?[more]


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Early in George W. Bush’s first term, I was dining with a friend who didn’t agree with my worldview. He[more]

The People

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Trump reminded us that together, we can have a bright future.[more]

NAFTA Withdrawal Would Undermine Tax Reform Gains

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Tax reform gains may be undone this year with a wrong step on trade.[more]

The Glorious Optics of Trump’s SOTU

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The scowling faces of Democrats during President Trumps SOTU speech on Tuesday night told Americans everything they need to know[more]

A photojournalist withheld publication of a 2005 photograph of a smiling then-Sen. Barack Obama with a beaming Louis Farrakhan, the[more]

Video: Man Steals Firearm Out Of Vehicle

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I think most of us have nightmares about our guns being stolen. The idea of not just hundreds of dollars[more]

A lesson in freedom.

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This is a familiar story, actually.

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Your big sisters have arrived, and they brought wine.

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The ‘S.W.A.T. Guy’ Gauge Is Screaming Volatility

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Investment expert Jim Woods discusses the growing volatility in the bull market.[more]