North Korea’s Kim Jong Un shows no signs of backing down.

The post North Korea to America: You Are[more]

Gowdy is tired of an investigation becoming a soap opera.

The post Trey Gowdy To Devin Nunes and[more]

The Long Knives Come Out for Devin Nunes

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If at first you don’t succeed; lie, lie again

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Nikki Haley kicks butt. That’s all there is to it.

The post Nikki Haley’s Comments On The Iran[more]

Raise your hand if you are surprised. I didn’t think so.

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With Iranians taking to the streets in protest of their government this weekend, Americans of all stripes have been tweeting[more]

President Trump: Here’s How to Assure a Happy 2018

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We should expect full Trump in 2018.[more]

They wont be happy until the Earth freezes over and everyone dies.[more]

Peace Through Strength: Another Trump Radicalism?

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If a reader pores through this statement, disregarding the breathless prose, you find nothing radical or out of line. Donald[more]

The fact is that no one knows whats going to happen next year, but we can make educated guesses based[more]

Trump's Sneakily Successful First Year

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While the left complained nonstop about Trumps tweeting and boisterous language, Trump buckled down and accomplished an incredible amount during[more]

And a Happy New Year, to all.

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Sometimes you feel a lot dumber after having read something in HuffPo, this is one of those times

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A rundown of the top-grossing films of 2017

The post The Top Grossing Films of 2017 – RedState Year[more]

Do You Still Think Al Franken Is Leaving the Senate? Well…

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Franken announced he’d be stepping down, weeks ago.

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The Death of Western Civilization. West German Edition

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Because nothing says safe like being fenced in

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You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take

The post Obama Administration Official Gives Expected Advice to Trump[more]

Slate’s 5 Worst (Best?) Hot Takes of 2017

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So, so hard to narrow down. #NotTheOnion

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This week, Kim is traveling and Andrea is joined by fill-in co-host, Jay Caruso, until Andrea’s power goes out and[more]

Ted Cruz Has Some Great Advice for CNN

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A truth bomb from the Senator from Texas

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As the RedState Department of History prepares to ring in the new year with its friends, its thoughts, like those[more]

Don’t Pop the Cork Yet, Democrats

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As we prepare to greet the New Year tomorrow morning, everyone is reflecting on the year that has been and[more]

The enforcement of sanctions is becoming more serious

The post South Korea Announces Yet Another Sanctions-Breaking Ship Has Been[more]

A conversation needs to start somewhere.

The post Baltimore Police Backed Away From a Community That Protested Against[more]

The signs were all there for a copycat scenario.

The post BREAKING: Did Houston Police Thwart A Possible[more]