The Saints vs. the Fans

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The fans need to be respected first and foremost.[more]

Funding The Arts – or Hurricane Recovery

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With only so much taxpayer cash, what should our priorities be in this year of big hurricanes?[more]

How Tax Relief Will Free Americans Financially

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The Frightening Thought of Being Dependent Upon Washington[more]

Im trying to be rational here[more]

Sex, Hefner, and Hookup Culture

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Sex is cheap[more]

The sea of green and gold could be heard chanting “U-S-A! U-S-A!” in unison when players began to link arms.[more]

This is what happens when you forget who pays your salary.

The post This Tennessee Titans Player Thinks You[more]

People showed up to watch Football, but instead are forced to watch political grandstanding.

The post Thursday’s Politically Charged[more]

Helping Puerto Rico

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The 2017 hurricane season has wreaked humanitarian disasters on Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico. Not to diminish the suffering on[more]

BREAKING: Tom Price Has Resigned

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Well, that was quick.

The post BREAKING: Tom Price Has Resigned appeared first on RedState.


BREAKING: Is Trump About to Fire Tom Price?

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HHS secretary is under fire for hiring private planes to fly him on official government business.

The post BREAKING:[more]

There is no attack these people will not make

The post The Media Targets Scott Pruitt Over Private Plane[more]

The Florida senator is an outspoken opponent of the Castro regime.

The post In the Wake of Sonic[more]

“[T]hey will be under tremendous pressure from fathers and husbands and boyfriends and male employers not to vote for ‘the[more]

“You’re a very silly person and I’m not going to interview you.”

The post You Don’t Deserve Your Own[more]

The victims reported waking up feeling unwell and hearing scratching sounds, as if something metal was being pulled across the[more]

But fret not, because the solution is easy, and may even make you feel good.

The post The[more]

I Might be as Bad as the Cubans

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A decades old war crime comes to light

The post I Might be as Bad as the Cubans appeared[more]

Get Ready, Oprah Might be Eying the White House

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Running against the nation’s most popular reality TV show host in 2020 might be the nation’s most popular talk show[more]

An Asianist Responds to Multiculturalism in the Academy

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It may seem odd to speak of “multiculturalism” in the context of the monoculture that the twenty-first century academy has[more]

ICE officer tells RedState: “Passage of sanctuary jurisdiction policies is nothing more than fools gold for the illegal immigrants.”

The post[more]

Hello RedStaters, and welcome to today’s Water Cooler – always an Open Thread. More Marriage Three weeks ago, just after my[more]

Grassley sent a letter to President Donald Trump calling out Price.

The post Who’s got the knives out for[more]