There’s at least one honest man among the left in this world, and he supports Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme[more]

Sally Yates Nominated for ‘Profile in Courage’ Award

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The first of many nominations by the Democrat party for the next four years, to be sure

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Full announcement from President Trump and remarks from nominee Gorsuch

The post VIDEO: Full Remarks of President Trump and[more]

Five Ways The Media has Broken the Public Trust in Four Days

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The first two weeks of the Trump administration have been chaotic at best, the last four days have been a[more]

President Trump has nominated 10th Circuit Court Judge Neil Gorsuch to replace Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court. SCOTUS Blog[more]

Maybe someone should tell them it’s just a clump of cells

The post San Francisco Halts $70 Million[more]

Sen. Murray, Will the Real Plagiarist Please Stand Up?

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The “mom in tennis shoes” lifted one passage almost verbatim.

The post Sen. Murray, Will the Real Plagiarist Please[more]

Because it’s a ban. Now, you can argue over whether it’s a Muslim ban or a travel ban, but it’s[more]

This is a fair thing to do.

The post WSJ Editor To Staff: Stop Using The Term ‘Majority[more]

Though the official announcement is still hours away, it appears that President Trump will nominate Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals[more]

Filing a lawsuit displays an extraordinary amount of chutzpah.

The post Outrageous: SF City Attorney Sues Trump, Says Sanctuary[more]

One of Nancy Pelosi’s staffers sent out a tweet on Tuesday, with a video attached claiming the voice was that[more]

The drama that continues to boil over Donald Trump’s presidency is not a phenomenon unique to the American left. The[more]

Investing in New Public Companies for the Long Run

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Investment expert Doug Fabian shares his view on an exchange-traded fund that is focused on the public companies for the[more]

This Isn’t How a President Acts. Except it is…Now

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We are way beyond tradition and protocol at this point

The post This Isn’t How a President Acts.[more]

First Lady on the Cover of Vanity Fair Mexico While our faithless leader was having a Trumpertantrum with Mexico, Vanity[more]

DHS Secretary Kelly: We Knew the Executive Order Was Coming

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“I will not gamble with American lives.”

The post DHS Secretary Kelly: We Knew the Executive Order Was Coming[more]

Primetime Finale: Supreme Court Finalists Headed to D.C.

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Would you expect anything less from out Entertainer-in-Chief than Survivor-style speculation over who will be announced as the winner on[more]

Betsy DeVos won confirmation in the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions earlier today. The 12-11 vote, along[more]

BREAKING: Elaine Chao Confirmed in Full Senate Vote

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The Senate voted today on whether or not to confirm Elaine Chao, former Labor Secretary and wife of Majority Leader[more]

She’s Back. Oprah Winfrey to join ’60 Minutes’

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Oprah Winfrey is returning to broadcast television. The media mogul will join CBS New’s long running news magazine show, ’60[more]

Planned Parenthood has nothing to do with women’s health.

The post WATCH: New Undercover Video From Pro-Life Group Shows[more]

Since When Did Sports Become Harsh, Crude and Classless?

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Some commentators reactions to the recent tragic death of my good friend David Modell, former owner of the Baltimore Ravens,[more]