Tuesday’s RNC Convention Schedule

By redstate.com @ 2024-02-28 20:39:02

The following list has been provided by the Republican National Committee for Tuesday’s program lineup:   Make America Work Again 5:30[more]

Bad police tactics—more than likely the result of poor training—helped lead to the death of man with apparent mental health[more]

So, it now appears that different factions of the Trump campaign are saying different things to different people about what[more]

Conservative Latino Leaders Cave On Trump

By redstate.com @ 2024-02-28 20:39:03

Hispanic leaders have reconsidered their anti-Trump stance and decided they are better off backing Trump because Hillary Clinton “does[more]

There is nothing rock solid on this so it should be taken with some precautions but Gabe Sherman at New[more]

Why Are Axes Easier To Get Than Books In Germany? (VIDEO)

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Sometimes the correct answer is also the most obvious answer

The post Why Are Axes Easier To Get Than[more]

Don’t Reform The Fed, Fed-Exit

By townhall.com @ 2024-02-28 20:39:05

Opponents of a central bank should take advantage of the post-Brexit vote revival of secessionist sentiments to promote a secession[more]

Well, I guess that is that. The Trump campaign has announced that no one will be fired or disciplined for[more]

Taxpayer Money Being Wasted on Junk Science

By townhall.com @ 2024-02-28 20:39:06

As I poured myself a third cup of coffee in a row, I began to worry because I remembered a[more]

If we continue to see more stories like this one, then way may see an end to all the violence,[more]

GOP Convention 2

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To sort of plagiarize Donald Trump: “I’m so right, I’m getting tired of being so right.”[more]

Which he won’t do. As Corey surely knows.

The post WATCH: Former Trump Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski Thinks Paul[more]

The Uncanny Road Ahead For Trump

By townhall.com @ 2024-02-28 20:39:08

With the GOP convention finally at hand, team Trump faces the truly daunting task of keeping his brand afloat and[more]

Four suspects are now in police custody after a gun store burglary turned into a brief gunfight in Marietta, Georgia.[more]

Billionaire Trump Gets Richer Campaigning for President

By redstate.com @ 2024-02-28 20:39:10

While Trump nearly doubled his debt, his liquid assets shrunk to about $170 million from $225 million. Still, $100 million[more]

This Opinion Just In…Never Trump Devolves Into Farce

By townhall.com @ 2024-02-28 20:39:11

NEW YORK Putting aside the merits of Never Trump, do those who want to sink the soon-to-be-anointed Republican presidential[more]

Does God Have a Political Affiliation?

By townhall.com @ 2024-02-28 20:39:11

When Pastor Mark Burns opened up the Republican National Convention with prayer on Monday night, he could not have made[more]

The Constitution is an extraordinary document. Life for most humans for most of human history has been poor, nasty, brutish[more]

When did Newt Gingrich become such a lackey? People are free to endorse or not to endorse a candidate. Donald[more]

FACT: God is not registered to vote and is not a Donald Trump donor.

The post You Won’t Believe[more]

Resisting the Revisionists: Finally, a First Step

By humanevents.com @ 2024-02-28 20:39:14

“The most significant reinforcement of our collective defense any time since the Cold War,” President Obama called it. A bit[more]

Police, Blacks, and Crime

By humanevents.com @ 2024-02-28 20:39:14

Claims about racist cops from groups like Black Lives Matter lead more people to fear and hate the police. That’s bad[more]

Donald Trump postponed the announcement of his vice presidential candidate, Mike Pence, because of the terrorist attack in Nice, which[more]

Can somebody please tell me what country we’re in, again? There’s something really sick and wrong about what is being[more]