America Should Embrace the Brexit Spirit

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Faced with fear-mongering status quo addicts warning them of the dangers of real change, British voters chose to take a[more]

Warning: Labels

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When you use a coffeepot, do you need a warning label to tell you: “Do not hold over people”? Must[more]

Horror and Hush-Up in Twin Falls, Idaho

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Something wicked happened in Idaho’s rural Magic Valley. The evil has been compounded by politicians, media and special interest groups[more]

Trump Pivoting Away From Tabloid-Style Campaigning

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Donald Trump is the latest proof that the campaign always reflects the candidate and that the candidate is a product[more]

Why Is Fingerprinting Such a Sticky Point for Uber?

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Just as they had promised to do, Uber and Lyft, the best-known ridesharing outfits in the country, withdrew from Austin,[more]

Loose Lips Could Sink Gay Ships

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After weeks of indecision, ABC announced on May 12 that it would renew the Catholic-bashing sitcom “The Real O’Neals,” which[more]

Men at Work … or Not

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We’ve heard a great deal this campaign year about the plight of the working class. The left tells a story[more]

High Court Not Yet an Armageddon

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Antonin Scalia’s death has made many conservatives fearful of what would happen if a Democratic president were to appoint the[more]

Hip-Hop Civics, as Taught by Trump and ‘Hamilton’

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NEW YORK CITY — Race matters, but it’s not all that matters. That’s the lesson of “Hamilton,” the Broadway musical[more]

The GOP’s Cleveland Message to Trump: You’re Fired

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In less than a month, the GOP will choose its nominee in Cleveland, a city reveling in its first major[more]

Has Trump Found the Formula?

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Stripped of its excesses, Donald Trump’s Wednesday speech contains all the ingredients of a campaign that can defeat Hillary Clinton[more]

Trump Should Embrace GOP Plan to Jump-Start Economy

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WASHINGTON — House Speaker Paul Ryan unveiled a pro-growth, pro-job agenda this week that Republicans will run on in the[more]

A Message For Christians About Donald Trump

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I am a Jew turned evangelical Christian. I am also a passionate supporter of Donald Trump.[more]

Annals of Pseudoscience From Lysenko to Climate Changers

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Trofim Lysenko dominated Soviet “science” for two whole generations, from the 1920s to the mid-1960s.[more]

Time for Trump to Put up or Shut up

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Donald Trump should put his money where his mouth is.[more]

We’re Off Our Rocker and We Can’t Get Up!

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Not since the 1960s anti-war protests has a sit-in been so publicly used as a tactic by protesters. And back[more]

Free Condoms — What Could Go Wrong?

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Remember when the left passionately insisted that public schools distribute free condoms to students on the bizarre theory that they[more]


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They’ve called it. UK to leave EU.

The post #BREXIT BREAKING: UK VOTES LEAVE!! appeared first on <a rel="nofollow"[more]

We Must Rethink Guns

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How many children were gunned down in Newtown, CT?[more]

We forgot to write a summary for this article.

The post NEAT TRICK: Donald Trump FORGOT He Has The[more]

At first, Crowder attempted to politely correct him, but as the host continued to try to tell the same lie[more]

Uh-Oh! Is This the Next Scary Object Dems Will Look to Ban?

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Oh dear! Not only is this cloud dark and ‘scary’, but it’s in the shape of a gun! It could[more]

Taking a page from Donald Trump’s playbook

The post Joe Biden Channels Donald Trump And Threatens China With A[more]

It was all a scam. Just hours into a sit-in on the floor of the House of Representatives, congressional Democrats[more]

The more we learn about Trump’s highly choreographed meeting earlier this week with the cabal of professional Christian lobbyists, the[more]