Last night, Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas took a strong stand beside Gov. Pat McRory of North Carolina against the[more]

Donald Trump, unaware or unconcerned about that silly First Amendment thingy, threatened Jeff Bezos and the Washington Post with anti-trust[more]

Of the coming match-up, Heat Street says the choice is between “two corrupt New York plutocrats who haven’t driven a[more]

More Proof of Gold’s Brilliant Shine

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Expert investor Doug Fabian explores one of the hottest investment opportunity – gold and why it may or may not[more]

Why Ted Cruz Lost: An Honest Look

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Steve Deace, a talk show host and commenter, had a really good discussion on a podcast of his radioshow last[more]

Greg Abbott and Texas Republicans Rebuke Obama’s Bathroom Mandate at Convention Texas Governor Greg Abbott led a number of state Republicans attacking Obama’s[more]

Even though the use of tax exempt contributions to subsidize a for profit company partially owned by an alleged Bill[more]

Just in, the House GOP is going to consider impeaching IRS Commissioner John Koskinen over the agency being used to[more]

The President needs a reminder that the United States Constitution grants education decision authority to the states and localities not[more]

Donald Trump’s Schutzstaffel

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“Schutzstaffel” is German for “Protective Echelon,” or simply, “the SS.” Donald Trump says he’s different from previous presidential candidates. He’s[more]

Despite all evidence to the contrary, Jeff Sessions claims that Donald Trump is a conservative and would govern as one


This is rich, coming from the mayor who gave rioters “room to destroy” in her city.

The post Baltimore[more]

“…everyone who is responsible for the rise of Donald Trump, they will bear that responsibility going forward.”

The post <a rel="nofollow"[more]

The Obama administration declared on May 9th that forcing people to use bathroom facilities based on their God-given plumbing was[more]

Editor’s note – this post is a user diary that has been promoted to the front page to provoke discussion[more]

Combating the Opioid Epidemic

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Nearly every 12 minutes, someone in the U.S. dies of a drug overdose. People in communities across America are abusing[more]

I Have No Interest in Party Unity

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“Unity” is a dirty word, especially this election cycle. The word reminds me of groupthink, that which liberals love. It doesn’t[more]

True to form, Mitch McConnell has pre-emptively surrendered to Obama. The Senate appropriation is not only larger than Obama requested[more]

I’ve said for months that my main problem with Donald Trump becoming President is not that he is liberal (although[more]

A Teacher’s Perspective: Transgender Bathrooms In Schools

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The Obama Administration, as reported last night, has told all schools, essentially, to follow their interpretation of the Civil Rights Act or[more]

An irresistible force meets an immoveable object.[more]

Money Monster, a film that takes on both ratings-driven financial programs and corporate greed, is a populist thriller that both[more]

To Learn About Hypocrisy, Google ‘Oregon Florist’

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So, a customer goes to a business to purchase a product. The business refuses to sell. The customer asks why.[more]

When Donald Trump first announced he was running, he said he was going to fund his own campaign. He made[more]