Trump’s Feast of Incoherence

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The reviews of Donald Trump’s grand foray into foreign policy agreed on one thing, which is that Trump can’t even[more]

Speaker Of The Devil

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To be called the Devil is rarely a good thing. But did John Boehner, former Speaker of the House, just[more]

Jesus the ‘Intolerant Bigot’

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The Gospel of Christ doesnt care about tolerance. It cares about truth.[more]

INDIANA: Why Cruz Takes The Lead

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A shift has happened. I thought it might once the election left the six liberal state run of the New[more]

Rest In Peace, Senator Burns

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Thursday night I got some sad news: My old boss, Conrad Burns, had died at 81. Burns served as U.S.[more]

Donald Trump Crosses a Border

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Donald Trump had to squeeze through a hole in a fence to speak at the California Republican Convention on Friday.[more]

Two of the biggest topics of discussion in our presidential election are immigration and trade.[more]

Ted Cruz ensures that another ten delegates in Virginia (out of thirteen) are ultimately loyal to *him*.

The post <a rel="nofollow"[more]

There is no reason why the GOP should allow Donald Trump to have the nomination no matter how many delegates[more]

Sometimes it takes a Badger to do work Hoosiers just won’t do. Scott Walker delivered a ringing endorsement of Ted[more]

Keep Cheerleaders Hot

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Any blasphemous materials that encourages being fit and hot must be ridiculed, complained about, and hopefully burned. So sayeth the[more]

In which I try to give you an idea of who is running for Senate in Colorado’s Republican primary.

The post[more]

Utah’s human weathervane, Jon Huntsman, is now aboard the Trump Train: “We’ve had enough intraparty fighting. Now’s the time to[more]

Donald Trump likes to sell. He sells his name and his brand, which is not an inherently bad thing. IF[more]

Biology doesn’t care about your outrage.

The post NC Governor McCrory Doubles Down On Purpose For Bathroom Bill appeared[more]

   SiriusXM and the Republican Convention SiriusXM, in expectation of Donald Trump Reality Radio (SiriusXM is calling it “Convention Radio,”[more]

Is Indiana Mike Pence Really This Much Of A P***y?

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Last week Indiana Governor Mike Pence endorsed Ted Cruz for president. This should have been a no brainer. Pence, according[more]

In Virginia, NBC affiliate WWBT ran an investigation into the local KKK after fliers were circulated in the area recruiting[more]

Donald Trump Wins Key Ku Klux Klan Endorsement (VIDEO)

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Donald Trump has often said that he is a uniter and the evidence now seems strongly in his favor. He[more]

John Kasich Goes Full Pander Bear To Gay Californians

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Because… tolerance.

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In case you were under the delusion that Donald Trump had any interest in striking a conciliatory tone, or making[more]

The above screenshot is from the AFA website, where the Boycott Target Pledge has now surpassed a million signers. After[more]

The above screenshot is from the AFA website, where the Boycott Target Pledge has now surpassed a million signers. After[more]

Which Party Is Better For The Economy?

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Yesterdays papers came with a slew of depressing headlines.[more]

Here’s Their Signs

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With the recent actions by Virginias Democrat Governor Terry McAuliffe reinstating the voting rights of convicted felons in his state,[more]