Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is really doing great.[more]

April Fools! It’s Not Yet Spring

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Kurt Vonnegut said that if you stop looking at the heavens, and keep your eyes here on earth, you’ll find[more]

WASHINGTON – It isn’t drawing front page coverage, but the Republicans’ budget-cutting battle to abolish the Export-Import Bank deserves our[more]

Education: The Future Depends on It

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Over the past few months in cities throughout the country, we have seen harsh moments that have been characterized as[more]

When President Bill Clinton signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in 1993, the law had broad support in both major[more]

Clintons Will be Clintons

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Irans militia chief explained that erasing Israel off the face of the planet was nonnegotiable.[more]

The Indiana governor has managed to step on an impressive number of parts of his own anatomy recently and in[more]

WASHINGTON – It isn’t drawing front page coverage, but the Republicans’ budget-cutting battle to abolish the Export-Import Bank deserves our[more]

Ax the Income Tax

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March Madness, baseball and flowers. Spring in America would be so grand without income taxes and the headaches of filing[more]

With an Iran/US Agreement Will we Soon See $20 a Barrel Oil?

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Many believe that the precipitous decline in the price of oil that the world just saw was Saudi Arabias reaction[more]

The string of bad data reports not only applies to the US, economists up North appear to be no better[more]

Main Street’s Sacrifice

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Much is being made over what ails the economy and it often comes back to the consumer(s) still reluctant to[more]

Protesters are demonstrating, the Obama administration is speaking out, the mainstream media is in an uproar, major companies are threatening[more]

Libertarianism no longer seriously can be considered marginal. It has emerged as an important part of our public discourse.[more]

Social Security: Should You Wait Until Age 70 to Collect?

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Dear Carrie: My younger brother and I (he’s in his mid-50s, and I’m in my early 60s) disagree about whether[more]

America finds itself in what may perhaps be the worst global security situation since the prelude to World War II[more]

Loose lips sink ships. Here is how Republican donors can sink the ships of both Obama and Hillary.[more]

Now that we’ve demonstrated that the passage of the Affordable Care Act has resulted in a declining quality of life[more]

Etiquette Versus Annihilation

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Recent statements from United Nations officials, that Iran is already blocking their existing efforts to keep track of what is[more]

How ‘Exponential’ Investing Can Generate Massive Returns

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Technology is back.[more]

Enough is Enough

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“I think all of us should have a respect for innocent life. With regard to the freedom of the individual[more]

“Don’t Sweat it” Takes On Whole New Meaning With TSA

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Careful, airline passengers! If you happen to show up to your flight late, or are nervous about forgetting to turn[more]

The KKK Took My Building Away

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Recently, some University of North Carolina (UNC) students went to a Board of Trustees meeting armed with signs saying Black[more]

The Green-Card Racket for Beltway Cronies

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Can we stop putting America up for sale to the most politically connected bidders yet? Where is our self-respect?[more]

Muzzling the Marketplace of Ideas

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Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech. The words of the First Amendment couldnt be plainer. Yet[more]