We should do a lot more than complain. We the taxpayers should insist that the salaries for government employees be[more]

Technology-Driven Narcissism Cheapens Life and Morality

By townhall.com @ 2014-12-31 00:01:00

Rather than enjoy the tangible reality of our own, God-granted existence, we cling to social media in order to live[more]

Happy Old Year!

By townhall.com @ 2014-12-31 00:01:00

What a year 2014 has been. It’s seen the greatest outbreak of freedom since 1989, that annus mirabilis, year of[more]

The Wisdom of Peace Through Strength

By townhall.com @ 2014-12-31 00:01:00

It was extremely encouraging to see the United States and Sony eventually stand up to the cyberbullying of the North[more]

Federal Student Loan Debt Tops $800 Billion

By townhall.com @ 2014-12-31 00:01:00

From November 2013 through November 2014, the aggregate balance in the federal direct student loan program — as reported by[more]

Obamacare’s Annus Horribilis

By townhall.com @ 2014-12-31 00:01:00

There’s no candy coating the truth: Obamacare has had a very terrible, horrible, crappy, none-too-happy year.[more]

A New Year’s Resolution for You

By townhall.com @ 2014-12-31 00:01:00

New Years Resolutions tend towards the personal: lose weight, take up a hobby, spend more time with the family, get[more]

Banning “Feminist” in 2015?

By townhall.com @ 2014-12-31 00:01:00

Only 20 percent of Americans, including 23 percent of women, self-identify as feminists. Taking a look at some feminist efforts[more]

Ringing Out The Year With Liberal Double Standards

By townhall.com @ 2014-12-31 00:01:00

Many conservatives finished the year angry about the same thing they were angry about at the beginning of the year:[more]

The Year’s Highlights in Buck Passing

By townhall.com @ 2014-12-31 00:01:00

Here are some memorable examples from the past year.[more]

The Now and Future Caliphate

By townhall.com @ 2014-12-31 00:01:00

The Obama administration has led us to expect that the new caliphate may continue to exist for years to come.[more]

Florida Carry’s Caranna: “Frankly, we have had enough.”[more]

Liberals: If the shoe doesn’t fit, make everyone wear it

By humanevents.com @ 2014-12-30 21:58:38

It is a common practice of the left to stage an incident and then demand enormous legal changes to respond[more]

I hate off-body carry with an unbridled passion, and personally feel that if you can’t carry a weapon on your[more]

Red-meat leftists rhetoric won’t win Clinton the nomination

By humanevents.com @ 2014-12-30 14:15:34

Hillary Clinton angrily condemned the bleakest results of Barack Obama’s economy in a recent speech, but didn’t dare say who[more]

WAR ON COPS CONTINUES: Durham Officer Targeted At Home

By bearingarms.com @ 2014-12-30 12:37:15

A Durham, NC Police officer was forced to take cover in his own home yesterday when a unknown assailant fired[more]

‘The Myth of America’s Decline’ Revisited

By humanevents.com @ 2014-12-30 11:45:22

Few ideas challenge conventional wisdom more than one that questions the pervasive notion that America has seen its best days.[more]

Has the Clinton luck run out?

By humanevents.com @ 2014-12-30 10:49:50

Does Hillary have enough luck to be president?[more]

Only Muslim school children lives matter?

By humanevents.com @ 2014-12-30 10:43:37

Why do similar attacks, when directed at non-Muslims—especially Christians—rarely if ever get the same sort of media coverage?[more]

The greatest days of your life

By humanevents.com @ 2014-12-30 10:37:22

Once you understand it, you will recognize how both life-changing and world-changing the Ten Commandments are.[more]

The racial agitation network known as CNN is attempting to stir the pot again this morning now that the autopsy[more]

Double standards have never been so clearly on display, as “old news” suddenly becomes piping hot, and Democrats decide cheating[more]

The PeaceVoice Director and teacher of Conflict Resolution at Portland State University (I assume he also has a minor in[more]

President Obama tried to brag over isolating Iran on the world stage Of course I thought isolation was a bad[more]

Hollywood Plays with Fire

By townhall.com @ 2014-12-30 00:01:00

In July of 1870, King Wilhelm sent Foreign Minister Bismarck an account of his meeting with a French envoy who[more]