Remember When Taxes Used to Cause Revolutions?

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Sam Adams pro-liberty group managed to attack a handful of customhouses and kidnap a few tax collectors after the passage[more]

Former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan Makes Startling Admission

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I had a great time at the 40th anniversary of the New Orleans Investment Conference, which is largely a gold[more]

We drove Saddam’s Yellowcake to Baghdad Airport

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Random caches of old chemical weapons found post-invasion were old news, but not roughly 5,000 warheads and bombs, many filled[more]

Becoming Rodney Dangerfield

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How did it happen that the President of the United States became impotent? It happened when the states went off[more]

Feminists and the Snakes in Their Heads

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Medusa, the cursed goddess with writhing snakes for hair, must certainly have been the first feminist.[more]

Holiday Conundrum

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This week, we got mixed messages on the state of mind of the US consumer.[more]

Flailing Aimlessly on Iran

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As the leadership in Iran continues to thumb their collective noses at the world community and the United States in[more]

Egypt Steps Up Against Gaza Strip

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Local media reported yesterday that Egypt already has begun ordering forced evacuations and demolishing homes in the buffer zone Egypt[more]

Ebola: Trust a Politician or an Expert?

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“I would not be inclined to make a political decision on something as serious as Ebola.”[more]

If They Can’t Win Now, Then When?

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Conservatives need to ask themselves: If the GOP cant win now, then when can they win?[more]

West Pharmaceuticals: A Little Giant in the Sea of Pharma

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I like the health care sector in the current market environment but I prefer companies that are growing at a[more]

Does it Really Matter?

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The Republicans are salivating because they can smell blood in the water and victory in the air. The House will[more]

Its time to extend the tradition of sharing politics-related Halloween humor on October 31.[more]

The Obama War on Pipelines

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Expedite wind and solar but block coal, oil, gas, pipelines, jobs and economic recovery.[more]

Two Dead Cops and Only One Truly Important Question

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How it can possibly be that Monroy-Bracamonte was allowed to remain in the country? Who issued him a drivers license?[more]

When your best life now puts you on the highway to Hell, and becoming a better you makes the demons[more]

Learn about a Rising Real Estate Fund

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With $43.1 billion in assets under management, VNQ is Vanguards fourth-largest ETF. Its competitive 0.1% expense ratio is 93% lower,[more]

Courage and Determination

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With the 2014 elections just a few days away, many Americans are justifiably worried about the future of our country.[more]

More "Stimulus" in Japan

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It’s a world truly gone mad.[more]


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Fox news reporting that a Mexican judge ordered the immediate release of Sgt Andrew Tahmooressi!      There is nothing more[more]

The Silencing – Happy Halloween

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Silent but deadly. Boo!

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A Return to the JFK-Reagan Economic Model

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Election Day will produce a new Republican Congress, or so the latest polls tell us.[more]

The Hickenlooper Blues

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This is the music video “The Hickenlooper Blues” that premiered on Armed American Radio with Mark Walters and is the[more]

Halloween Open Thread

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Halloween 2014 is now upon us. How will you guys be celebrating it? Are you looking forward to putting on[more]

My Front Page colleague Joe Cunningham has done a great job covering Mary Landrieu referring to Louisiana voters as racist and[more]