The story of violent crime survivor Kimberly Weeks is the focus of a $2 million ad buy by the National[more]

Last week, President Obama spoke to the United Nations about the growing threat of the Islamic State in Iraq and[more]

Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino nukes Gov. Cuomo

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Trailing Gov. Cuomo by nearly 25 points and unable to get New Jersey Gov. Christie, head of the Republican Governors Association, to help[more]

It’s Better Now

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Americans now face beheadings, gang warfare, Ebola, ISIS and a new war in Syria. It’s natural to assume that the[more]

Who Would You Pick, Obama or Derek Jeter?

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Derek Jeter aka “The Captain” of the New York Yankees played his last game on Sunday. He ended his career[more]

The anti-vaccine cult

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One of the interesting things about the elevation of science to a secular religion is watching as science begins to[more]

At the RedState Gathering in August, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley ticked off a rapid-fire list of accomplishments that have[more]

NFL, Goodell Sideline the Concussion Story

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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is a public relations genius. That’s right, a real American genius if you will. If you[more]

A trio of anti-gun Senators are attempting to bully Kroger Corporation into banning open carry in their stores, regardless of[more]

The Democrats Hope You Are an Idiot

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The crop of Democrats up for election right now were last elected in 2008. For most of the actually vulnerable[more]

The legal threat to ObamaCare grows, and keeping it from a return engagement at the Supreme Court is getting harder.[more]

From the Mail Bag

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Thankfully the only one I’ve gotten. From Helen Markessinis comes this gem in the mail bag today: Your Briefings provide[more]

The Inconvenient Truths of Evil and ISIS

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A couple of weeks ago I wrote that we must eradicate the evil of ISIS by killing them.  More and[more]

Millennials Still Want to Marry

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The Pew Research Center recently released a study claiming that a quarter of Millennials will never get married, and those[more]

Greg Orman – The Cipher For Senate

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Image Credit: Senator Pat Roberts leaves a lot to be desired. He represents McLean, VA quite efficiently. Unfortunately, he[more]

Why You Should Invest Like Harvard

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the Harvard endowment generated an average of 11.4% over the past five years. Notwithstanding the challenges of the financial crisis,[more]

In case you missed it, on 60 Minutes Sunday, President Obama threw the intelligence community under the bus by claiming[more]

Prez Holds Special Dinner for Indian PM – Who is Fasting

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While some people surf the sites I just gently float along, occasionally bumping into the flotsam and jetsam that makes[more]

That’s the succinct summary from “a senior American intelligence official” in this morning’s New York Times of why the president[more]

Trolling for Dollars

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SMH. Stupidity magnified.

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Ex-Cons Get Priority Over Truly Needy in Medicaid Expansion

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On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by Josh Archambault to discuss a new video the[more]

Showdown looms over federal wind subsidy

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Wind energy is an unreliable, expensive, and environmentally destructive option.[more]

Saying ‘no’ to undocumented kids lands town in hot water

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One small Virginia town is the target of a racial discrimination complaint.[more]

Online school: Is it homeschooling?

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Some parents whose kids take online classes consider themselves homeschoolers, but others do not.[more]

Another week, another mob attack in Memphis, Tennessee: We now know three juveniles were charged after the violent attack in[more]