The Left’s Latest Fundraising Boondoggle

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In the movie The Terminator, the man sent from the future to protect Sarah Connor, Kyle Reese, tries to explain[more]

Epic Judicial Smackdown!

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Mask Mandates are presumptively unconstitutional. At least in Florida. In a strongly worded opinion, Floridas First District Court of Appeal[more]

The Coma Before the Storm

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Imagine if a cadre of very clever and industrious thieves formed a grand conspiracy to rob some place, like say[more]

Arizona used to have some of the best livestock laws in the nation.[more]

To Save Education, Legislators MUST Fund Home Schools

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There’s a window of opportunity and realization which is closing on America’s parents and their school-aged kids.[more]

NOT ONE INCH To Covidstan

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If theres any upside at all to the insanity and tragedy of the past 15 months of governments inept, callous,[more]

It is reported that the United States may lift some of the sanctions imposed on Iran in good faith to[more]

Biden Versus Trump: a Video Comparison

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Feinstein Introduces Federal Extreme Risk Protective Order Bill

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Bourbon on the Rocks, WAAM Radio Edition: June 13, 2021

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