The media just can't quit Gov. Ron DeSantis[more]

Bicyclist Survives Bear Bite To The Leg After Kicking The Animal

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A bicyclist in Alaska was surprised during his ride after facing a bear in the morning.[more]

This guy is such a mess at this point.[more]

President Joke Biden sarcastically told a class of elementary school students Monday during his visit to New Jersey that one…[more]

"just under 2/3 of Democrats want the U.S. Government to control that flow of information over the internet."…[more]

Patriots, who is your favorite comedian fighting against cancel culture?[more]

Virginia Parents are blasting former President Barack Obama’s rhetoric during a weekend rally for Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe….[more]

Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham said Monday Afghanistan "is the biggest national threat" to the U.S., thanks to "the…[more]

The Mad Scientist in History

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The sorcerer's apprentice[more]

"… students who feel excluded and marginalized by … overly gendered … Halloween costumes."[more]

The Case Of The Disappearing Prosecutors

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In cities like Baltimore and San Francisco, an exodus of prosecutors is quietly underway.[more]

What Do Americans Know About The Build Back Better Act?

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The $3.5 trillion Build Back Better Act might change how the U.S. handles several social services, but few Americans seem…[more]

Who needs science when masks policy religion takes a higher priority???[more]

Supermodel Elita Ebanks reportedly said working for the lingerie company meant maintaining a certain size that she said wasn't "natural."…[more]

What a thing for Biden to say to kids.[more]

Loudoun County Public Schools is requiring parents to sign a form comparable to a non-disclosure agreement to view a portion…[more]

Another migrant caravan that formed in southern Mexico is on its way to the United States as the crisis at…[more]

The Loudoun County father whose daughter was allegedly sexually assaulted by a transgender student in a school bathroom has demanded…[more]

In a must-watch video, Celtics center Enes Kanter shows exceptional bravery in calling out hypocrisy and truth to power.[more]

Finally some justice coming…[more]

Former Virginia attorneys general called on the state's current Attorney General to investigate the Loudoun County Public Schools board….[more]