Philadelphia Eagles superstar center Jason Kelce announced his retirement Monday, and to mark the occasion, Eagles fans gifted him with…[more]

Brothers Jason and Travis Kelce might be able to get a smooth $100 million from their "New Heights" podcast, according…[more]

The Left-Right Divide Is Not Bridgeable

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MLB Legend UL Washington Dead At 70

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U.L. Washington, an ex-MLB shortstop whose claim to fame was having a toothpick in his mouth, died Sunday after battling…[more]

2015 AL MVP Josh Donaldson Retires From MLB After 13 Seasons

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Named the American League MVP in 2015, Josh Donaldson announced his retirement Monday from MLB after 13 seasons.[more]

NY Dem Rep. AOC clapped back at pro-Palestine protesters who appeared to chase her and her fiancé through a movie…[more]

A suspect was killed in northern California while leading the police in a car chase and engaging them in a…[more]

Former Gorsuch clerk, Mike Davis, called out Garland for "using" Black Americans and detailed how the Republican Party can prepare…[more]

Trump Notches Another Victory Ahead Of Super Tuesday

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Former President Donald Trump secured another 2024 victory on the eve of Super Tuesday, beating former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley…[more]

Lindsay Lohan confirmed that the much-anticipated sequel to "Freaky Friday" is officially in the works during an interview on SiriusXM's…[more]

Even the UN is Admitting Hamas Raped Women on Oct. 7

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Jonathan Majors made his first red carpet appearances since his assault trial Mar. 3, E! News reported.[more]

A teenager was shot dead and four others injured in a Tuesday afternoon shooting at a bus stop in southeastern…[more]

Supreme Court Places Texas Immigration Law on Hold

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Even SNL is Talking about Joe Biden’s Age Now

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Joe Manganiello praised "Mulan" co-star Ming-Na Wen after she was honored at the Hollywood Beauty Awards Mar. 3, E! News…[more]

Former South Carolina Football Star D.J. Park Dead At 29

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D.J. Park, an ex-offensive lineman for the South Carolina Gamecocks football program and also had a brief stint with the…[more]

The internet’s loony leftist grandpa Keith Olbermann is back at it again with another scorcher, this time seemingly implying that…[more]