Arizona Governor Signs Bill Blocking Frivolous Anti-Gun Lawsuits

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One of the prominent papers in the state of Florida is South Florida Sun-Sentinel, and last Wednesday the paper offered[more]

Joe Biden Proves Systemic Racism Does Exist

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"New Way To Stop Gun Violence" Isn't New At All

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Colorado Democrats Back Off Gun Purchase Waiting Periods

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NY Senator Blames Gun Industry For Times Square Shooting

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Newspapers and the Woke Truth

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Democrats, Republicans, and the Media Agree: We Need Trump!

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LeBron James, Role Models, and Accountability

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Red Flag Law Not Used Against Maryland Shooting, Arson Suspect

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On Election ‘Reform,’ Democrat Elites Are Out of Touch

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On Tuesday, the Senate Rules and Administration Committee will mark up S. 1, the Corrupt Politicians Act.[more]

Is the Columbus Crew Giving Itself a Crewcut?

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