There are some things that only work on the profoundly stupid, and Putin is a master of figuring those out….[more]

Kirby can’t cover all this mess.[more]

There you have it: Money is not safe, the government is saying, without exactly saying why.[more]

Even the left-wing media have had enough of this nonsense. [more]

A Marine sniper's testimony that he had a line of sight to assassinate the Abbey Gate suicide bomber shocked family…[more]

China has been bribing smaller nations into cutting ties with Taiwan.[more]

Comedian Jon Stewart humorously compared the Senate to an "assisted living facility" during a Sunday interview with CNN's Fareed Zakaria….[more]

Latest ChatGPT showing “sparks” of human intelligence

By @ 2023-03-26 20:48:00

Dear Big Tech: Would you please make up our minds for us one way or the other? Seriously. Ever since the…[more]

Police Helicopter Crashes During Pursuit, Kills 2 Officers

By @ 2023-03-26 20:48:01

A police helicopter in Louisiana crashed early Sunday morning during a pursuit and two officers were killed.[more]

Jeff Green brutally dunked on Giannis Antetokounmpo on Saturday during the Denver Nuggets' decisive victory over the Milwaukee Bucks…[more]

A Uyghur woman testified she was summoned about an issue with her pension. But when she arrived, she was arrested…[more]

Firing squads are actually far more humane that some of the more [more]

Maybe Andrew Cuomo, now safely out of office, feels free to say what he really thinks, rather than having to…[more]

Another win for Sinema[more]

Warner is losing patience with the Biden team. [more]

A Florida doctor lost his board certification over his affinity for ivermectin, proving the biomedical state’s tentacles reach into even…[more]

Is the Donald Trump-Megyn Kelly feud about the resurface? [more]

Bills proposed by elected officials would remove the Catholic Church's right to the "seal of confession" and advocates warn this…[more]

Award-winning Hollywood producer Heather Rae is faking her longstanding claims of Native American heritage, activists claim.[more]

Mississippi armed school staff bill nears the finish line

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I don’t think we’ve covered SB 2079 in Mississippi before now, but the bill allowing school districts to authorize and…[more]

ADHD Patients Are the Latest Victims of the War on Opioids

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Federal agencies create regulations as a means to punish. The fight against the opioid epidemic is punishing too many instead…[more]

Philadelphia city officials are urging residents to drink bottled water until further notice following a chemical spill in the Delaware…[more]

Yet Another Biden Pick Withdraws Nomination

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President Joe Biden's nominee to lead the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) withdrew from consideration Saturday after tepid support from the…[more]

Armed with these facts, Trump’s attorneys should file a motion to dismiss and then watch Bragg’s untethered contraption go up, up, and away….[more]

Where is John Fetterman? Episode 97

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As Matt Margolis reminded us at PJ Media this week, it has now been more than five weeks since Pennsylvania…[more]