These 15 Secular Christmas Songs Deserve the Death Penalty

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Does Trump Really Want To Be President Again?

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This practically screams conduct unbecoming.[more]

Hugh Jackman is a successful actor in his own right, but the star admitted he felt "depressed" when he realized…[more]


Gascon says his latest radical policy will make the streets safer, but it will do the exact opposite.[more]

FDA’s reckless drug approval system under scrutiny

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Adam Sandler and Brendan Fraser got real about their careers while interviewing one another on Variety's Tuesday edition of "Actors…[more]

A Fox News medical contributor blasted China and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Wednesday over a shortage of drugs…[more]

Some New York Times union staffers are preparing to strike Thursday over a disagreement on wages with some asking readers…[more]

Disney still all-in on “queering” their content

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A cautionary tale… [more]

Chuck Schumer Takes a Victory Lap, Then Tells a Damnable Lie

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If Republicans had said this, Democrats would be screaming…[more]



Pearl Harbor a Reminder: Foreign Policy Matters

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The attack on Pearl Harbor changed America. Oil and Japan’s belief in preventive war moved America from neutrality[more]

This is a harbinger of things to come.[more]

The NY Times is preparing for a union walkout tomorrow

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GREAT NEWS! Liberal Men Getting Vasectomies Has Skyrocketed

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Soy Boys getting vasectomies is a good thing. A very good thing. [more]

A Democratic congressman ripped the Biden administration during a Fox News appearance, saying they listened to “activists” as opposed to…[more]

Despite laws against guns and drugs, San Diego cops find both

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San Diego police found a stolen gun and 1.6 pounds of fentanyl. So much for all those laws doing the[more]

ESG investing has caught the atention of Republicans in Congress as they prepare to take the majority. [more]