The Totalitarian American Left

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The left is becoming more unapologetically totalitarian every day. Every freedom-loving American should be alarmed.[more]

Time for the Press to Do Its Job

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The press hates Donald Trump.[more]

Three Essential Firearms

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Westerville Debate Leaves Democratic Race Wider Open

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The world’s oldest political party set an all-time record Tuesday night, with 12 presidential candidates on a single stage in[more]

LeBron James Is a Coward

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Only last year, James, a purported champion of social justice, came out in support of former quarterback Colin Kaepernick…[more]

Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey recently tweeted, Fight for Freedom. Stand with Hong Kong.[more]

Is Putin the New King of the Middle East?

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He is now the man in the middle between Turkey and Syria.[more]

Elizabeth Warren Is Not Honest

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If you want to run for office, political consultants will hammer away at one point: Tell stories.[more]

Georgia Armed Robber Gets 230 Years For Holding Up McDonald’s

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Criminal penalties do two things, at least in theory. First, they punish the criminal and remove them from society for[more]

He doesn’t appear to be an especially smart man, does he?

The post Can Anyone Guess the Crowd Size[more]

Why Gun Confiscation Really Wouldn’t Work In The U.S.

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Beto O’Rourke is all about gun confiscation. To make matters worse, most of the Democrats currently running for president seem[more]

CNN Video: Hopefully, Trump Dies Soon

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The post CNN Video: Hopefully, Trump Dies Soon appeared first on RedState.


Four Armed Citizen Stories Ignored By National Media This Week

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  Every day on Bearing Arms’ Cam & Co. I feature an armed citizen story, but unfortunately I didn’t get a[more]

A conservative group has decided to fight back on the MEDICARE FOR ALL message the Democrats are touting. Will it[more]

A 35-year old man from Mexico who’s already been deported from the United States twice after convictions for serious crimes[more]

New York Magazine Questions Gun Control From The Left

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There are a group of people who have spent a lot of time demonizing police officers all throughout the nation.[more]

China is Putting Uyghurs In Concentration Camps.

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In Xinjiang, China’s Muslim minority is having more than a “difficult week.”

The post China is Putting Uyghurs In[more]

Why Do Your Second Amendment Rights End At The State Line?

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You can travel from wherever you live in the United States to wherever you want in the United States, and[more]

Mayor Pete criticizes something he has not seen because of feelings. When does this stop?

The post Pete Buttigieg[more]

Don’t be gross…let Elijah Cummings rest in peace

The post Kira Davis: There Is No Need to Dance[more]

Tennessee Will Now Allow Felons To Own Guns…Of A Sort

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The question of restoring rights to felons is a thorny issue. I’m often amazed at how those who want to[more]