so, you still believe in leprechauns, do you?

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Guess Who Kept Memos on Interactions With President Trump?

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It might be a good idea for everybody to journal their experiences with this administration.

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This isn’t journalism, in fact it isn’t even competent shilling, but it is CNN

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Was McCabe’s firing politically motivated?

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John Lott’s Crime Prevention Research Center exists just to take a look at crime data, particularly crimes related to firearms.[more]

This is what the scum-sucking edge of faux-journalism looks like

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I originally didn’t have a St Patrick’s Day theme in mind, but lest I be accused of a clickbait title[more]

Should teachers be allowed to carry their own guns on campus?

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The Broward County Sheriff’s Office has caught a lot of heat in the aftermath of Parkland. While I feel for[more]

Andrew McCabe Has Died So That Jeff Sessions May Live

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I would not want to be Jeff Sessions. The embattled Attorney General had a difficult choice. There has been months[more]

So was the timing of Andrew McCabe’s firing suspect?

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BREAKING: Trump Tweets Celebration of McCabe Firing

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President Donald Trump took to Twitter to celebrate the firing of Andrew McCabe shortly after midnight – and mere hours[more]

Send a message that federal bureaucrats are not above the law.

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BREAKING: Andrew McCabe Fired

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Send a message that federal bureaucrats are not above the law.

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President Trump and AG Sessions: Do Your Job!

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Hey, thanks Jeff. Really. But its not making enough of a difference right now.[more]