This is turning into an interesting game of political chess. After a back and forth with the legal team of[more]

I doubt SJW’s understand the irony of their oppression.

The post Defy Censorship: Here’s How to Create Your Own[more]

Firearm thefts are a serious problem. No one wants to see guns in the hands of bad people, and regardless[more]

  Sure it is an old story, but considering the lecher involved it still feels good.   Ordinarily it would[more]

Troubling Information About The Wisconsin Mass Shooter Released

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New information has come out about the mass shooter who seriously wounded three people at his place of employment, and[more]

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has been through a week of media crucifixion as Democrats have done everything in their[more]

March For Our Lives Co-Founder Leaves Group, Admits Mistakes

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There are a handful of names I routinely think of when it comes to the March For Our Lives crowd.[more]

How ironic, indeed. I think we can now see the gig is up. We no longer have to pretend that[more]

Cody Wilson, Man Behind 3-D Printed Firearms, Arrested In Taiwan

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Reports surfaced on Wednesday that Defense Distributed’s Cody Wilson–the man behind the 3-D printed firearm who’s in a legal battle[more]

President Trump said earlier this week that he doesn’t have an attorney general. But if a new New York Times[more]

The Trace Celebrates The NRA Losing Members Last Year

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The NRA is the most vilified civil rights organization in the nation. While groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center[more]

  The obliviousness of activists turning into what they oppose is delicious to behold.   When it comes to the[more]

Bourbon On The Rocks 9-21-2018

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Bourbon On The Rocks for Friday Sept-21-2018 has all this for you… Duke talks about his latest article over at[more]

Big Apple Gun Applicants Claim Racial Bias

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Getting a gun in New York City is a difficult endeavor. You have to be permitted just to buy a[more]

Bezos Rag Runs Exclusive with Single Anonymous Source

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It should not be the job of so-called journalists to spread lies.

The post Bezos Rag Runs Exclusive with[more]

#MeToo Takes A Hit…From Sean Penn?

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Not all populist movements are created equal.

The post #MeToo Takes A Hit…From Sean Penn? appeared first on <a[more]