Prepare for many more lawsuits.[more]

This isn’t normal.[more]

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., departs Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, March 18, 2020, after the Senate passed[more]

VA Del. Nick Freitas Is Making The Argument For 2A Rights

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Virginia Delegate (and 7th Congressional District candidate) Nick Freitas is debuting a new podcast called “Making The Argument,” which he[more]

What the heck did he say?[more]

Keeping it Local: Spending Money in an Uncertain Economy.

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(AP Photo/Steve Helber) Keeping it Local: Spending Money in an Uncertain Economy. Below is an email I sent to the[more]

There are some realities and lessons to be found in this possibility.[more]

COVID-19 Isn’t Slowing Down Chicago’s Violent Criminals

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As we deal with a pandemic and so many of us being told to shelter in place, many of us[more]

Vice President Mike Pence listens as President Donald Trump speaks about the coronavirus in the James Brady Press Briefing Room[more]

A good end, but how we got there is worrisome.[more]

Boise Mayor Touts Social Distancing Snitch Line

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Should we be okay with the state requesting we officially distrust each other?[more]

Taking Down The Incredibly Weak Arguments For Closing Gun Stores

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Gun control advocates are ramping up their efforts to shut down gun stores across the country, with a growing number[more]

With Coronavirus, Overkill is What Works.

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We don’t know exactly how severe this pandemic will be. Still, we must act.

The post With Coronavirus, Overkill[more]

“So you presented a false case there …”[more]

Dear Socialists, Your Ideological Bubble Isn’t the World

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Sanders voters are surprised but shouldn’t be.[more]

If they can’t report the whole story, they don’t get access to the players[more]

My own home state of Georgia tends to lean pretty pro-gun. That’s especially true when you leave the confines of[more]

“The coronavirus can kill you, but so can poverty.”[more]

Worst of all will be the hit to China’s reputation on the global stage.[more]

The White House Correspondents Association needs to answer for this.[more]