Telescopes and Theodicy

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From dark matter and energy to the Prince of Darkness.[more]

These People Are Nuts

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A Common-Sense Ruling on Death Penalty Drugs

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Another Clown Joins The Circus

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I'm Not Trump!

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How Trump Saved the Union

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In a party with an epidemic of virtue signaling and hand-wringing, it had to happen. The first GOP representative has[more]

When is a fetus a fetus and when is a fetus a baby?

The post Water Cooler 6/18/2019 –[more]

Trump Puts Americans First on Immigration

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President Trump Puts Americans First on Immigration I am not a fan of Vladimir Putin. The former KGB Lieutenant Colonel[more]

Bourbon On The Rocks May-18-2019

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Bourbon On The Rocks for Friday May-17 is talking about why the abortion debate is so emotional and why you[more]

  Pete Buttigeig is an interesting character to me. When he first landed on the scene, he quickly supplanted Amy[more]

It was always coming. With the dovetailing of corporate social responsibility and social justice causes (i.e. “getting woke”), big global[more]

It only takes one nut to ruin everything.

The post Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets Violently Attacked in South Africa appeared[more]

The plan had been simple. After a dramatic reading of the Mueller Report, Fat Jerry Nadler’s committee was set to[more]

The Lived Experience of Candace Owens.

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Culturally appropriating intersectionality.

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