CNN’s Ratings Take Nosedive During Impeachment Week

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  Things just keep getting worse for CNN. Their ratings, along with recent polls, reveal something everyone else already knows:[more]

Introducing Chris Arps

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Chris Arps of Project 21 joins the RedState team

The post Introducing Chris Arps appeared first on <a rel="nofollow"[more]

She Shot Her Ex In Self-Defense, But She’s The One Behind Bars

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A woman in Decatur, Illinois who shot her ex in self-defense after he attacked her in her vehicle is now[more]

  If ever there was an effective argument that conservatives should be using against Democrats when it comes to the[more]

Horowitz: “No Political Bias.” Riiiiiight.

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Horowitz himself stated that no one in the entire FBI chain of command has been vindicated/exonerated for their actions associated[more]

I’d say the hypocrisy is astounding, but it’s Tlaib.

The post Rashida Tlaib Tried to Delete a Nasty[more]

With Jersey City, Let’s Keep Focus Where It Belongs

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Earlier this week, Jersey City, NJ was rocked with a violent shootout between police and two individuals. At the end[more]

In order to frame President Trump as a Grinch one needs to ignore the press provoking the reaction.

The post <a[more]

The left is treating Thunberg more like a child sacrifice than anything.

The post If Greta Thunberg Isn’t Up[more]

Understanding The Knee-Jerk Reactions That Lead To Gun Laws

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On Wednesday, I wrote about a tragic story where a two-year-old child took his own life after reportedly mistaking his[more]

Jews Are Being Targeted in America

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While several of Virginia’s congresscritters are calling for Second Amendment Sanctuary counties in the state to be stripped of state funds or[more]

Once again the press displays a fluid set of standards, based on what the target of the story may be.


We here at Bearing Arms have offered a lot of support for Virginia’s sanctuary counties. While Cam has written extensively on[more]

The Liberal Media Fears Nikki Haley

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Not all heroes wear capes. But hopefully, they wear cologne.

The post A Man Whose Farts Kill Mosquitoes Claims[more]