JUST THE FACTS: Michigan COVID-19 Numbers for July 11th 2020

By redstate.com @ 2020-07-11 19:45:06

Michigan COVID-19 numbers for Saturday, July 11th show six deaths after a clerical error.[more]

Liberal’s All-Out Assault On Free Speech

By townhall.com @ 2020-07-11 19:01:00

Was This Our Last Fourth of July?

By townhall.com @ 2020-07-11 19:01:00

Closing Schoolhouse Door Hurts Kids

By townhall.com @ 2020-07-11 19:01:00

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had not recommended the general closure of public schools in the spring when[more]

If 2020 Is the Warmest Year … So What?

By townhall.com @ 2020-07-11 19:01:00

Among my favorite New Testament Bible verses is the story of Simeon in the Gospel of Luke 2:25-35.[more]

General Flynn is an American Hostage

By townhall.com @ 2020-07-11 19:01:00

  Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best dropped a disturbing piece of truth in a broadcast of KTTH’s “Jason Rantz Show”[more]

This is why you should never trust them.[more]

  On Wednesday, Attorney General William Barr made a rather unexpected statement regarding the treatment of black Americans by the[more]

New “Study” On Gun Culture Really An Attack On 2A Activism

By bearingarms.com @ 2020-07-11 16:30:34

I think we can all agree that there is no monolithic “gun culture” in the United States. With 100,000,000 gun[more]

Watch it here: RED + BLACK Episode #4

By redstate.com @ 2020-07-11 16:00:31

RedState contributors Lenny McAllister, Kira Davis, Chris Arps, and Jeff Charles team up for one of the most innovative political[more]

President Donald Trump listens as Robert Unanue, of Goya Foods, speaks during a roundtable meeting with Hispanic leaders in the[more]

FILE – In this March 26, 2019, file photo, actor Jussie Smollett talks to the media before leaving Cook County[more]

A Journalist with an aversion to facts knows exactly who to blame.[more]