The Comey memos were released to Congress on Thursday, and quickly “obtained’ by various press outlets. As big revelations go,[more]

The following article is special to RedState from our Insider in Wisconsin GOP politics. Today in Wisconsin, the final battle[more]

The Comey Memos Are Out (But Who Leaked Them?)

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Most people understand and accept that the relationship between politicians and the press is a complicated one. On the one[more]

You can see for yourself what all the fuss is about.

The post James Comey Isn’t Worried About[more]

Does he have the political pull to make things happen for Trump?

The post Team Trump Adds Another Fox[more]

This may be a signal that things are winding down

The post Department of Justice Agrees That Congress Outranks[more]

Impeachment Frenzy in Fictional TV

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The intense fear and loathing that permeates news coverage of President Donald Trump is being multiplied on television dramas.[more]

Collusion, Anyone?

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The evidence builds of collusion by Obama administration law enforcement and intelligence personnel in trying to elect Hillary Clinton and[more]

Playboy Comes to D.C.

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Playboy Enterprises just announced that it has purchased a table at this year’s White House Correspondents Association dinner. Swell. Just[more]

Still the Safest Way to Travel

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For white-knuckle flyers like me, this week’s tragic accident aboard a Southwest Airlines flight from New York to Texas reinforces[more]

The Fall of James Comey

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I originally assumed that former FBI Director James Comey is an honorable and truthful man who was striving to be[more]

Getting Tough With Syria and Russia

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Trump proved he could deal with the worlds bad guys on his terms, and it was no more Mr. Nice[more]

Comey's Handling of Hillary Clinton Shows Us He's No Hero

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After being pressed by former top Bill Clinton political aide George Stephanopoulos on ABC News, James Comey admitted that he[more]

Untold Story of Broadcast Ownership

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Last year, the Sinclair Broadcasting Group agreed to acquire the Tribune Media Company.[more]

America Not as Intolerant As We Make it Out to Be

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First of all, things have gotten better.[more]

Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, D-ND (Nick Wass/AP Images for United Way Worldwide) Confirming Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State is proving[more]

Heitkamp Will Vote To Confirm Pompeo

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Confirming Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State is proving to be much more theatrical than confirming him as CIA Director.[more]

Not only is the impeachment mine tapped, it’s collapsing on Democrats.

The post Calls for Trump’s Impeachment Are[more]

Is this a legitimate use of RNC funds in an election season?

The post What’s The Deal With The[more]

Is this a legitimate use of RNC funds in an election season?

The post The RNC Is SO SCARED[more]

Couple Challenges Ban On Guns In In-Home Daycares

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If you have a home-based business, do you automatically give up your rights? Most people would think, “No, of course[more]