Don’t count them chickens before they hatch, sweetheart

The post Jen Psaki: Nancy Pelosi Really Showed Donald Trump Who[more]

Another Media Outlet Pushing Smart Guns

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Proponents of smart guns don’t listen. Well, they don’t listen to people who oppose smart guns, anyway. Granted, I already[more]

    Google is not your friend. As I covered previously, in November 2016, employees of the iconic search engine[more]

California Looking At New Slate Of Gun Restrictions

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We’ve long known that the endgame for the gun control movement is complete disarmament of the citizenry. Gun grabbers may not[more]

After a provably massive disaster bemoaning a return to the original is stark stupidity. It is not without a dose[more]

Op-ed Examines How Gun Control In Venezuela Led To Tyranny

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Venezuela was once the jewel of South America. It’s an oil-rich nation with a long growing season and abundant natural resources.[more]

BREAKING…Trump Cancels Pelosi Trip Overseas

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NO TRIP FOR YOU Whatever you think of Donald Trump, one thing is clear. He knows how to play hardball.[more]

While Illinois Democrats may pretend they’re for the little guy, they have no problem at all trying to crush small[more]

While Illinois Democrats may pretend they’re for the little guy, they have no problem at all trying to crush small[more]

Trump Approval With His Base Slips According To New Poll

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Is He Losing His MOJO? A new poll from NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll has President Trump slipping in his approval numbers[more]

Man Arrested for Throwing Snowballs

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After a 30-minute standoff with police, a Michigan man was arrested this week for (trigger warning- winter frivolity) throwing snowballs.[more]

Are Government Shutdowns Good for the Economy?

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“No man’s life, liberty or property are safe when the legislature is in session.” — Judge Gideon Tucker The stock[more]

Gun Owners Of America To Take NFA Before Supreme Court

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The National Firearms Act is an insidious piece of legislation that I desperately hope to one day see relegated to[more]

Did Trump Pay Michael Cohen To Rig Online Polls?

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I keep digging deeper The saga of Michael Cohen keeps getting messier as we march to his appearance before Congres[more]

What do governments have – that no private sector company has? Employer-designated “non-essential personnel.” Merriam Webster’s dictionary offers up the[more]

Evil talks about tolerance only when it’s weak.

The post Ben Sasse’s Anti-Bigotry Resolution Is a Sign Of the[more]

He’s her polar opposite and would be perfect for the job.

The post Texas Republican Dan Crenshaw Says He’ll[more]