The shooting at the Borderline Bar & Grill left 12 people dead. It also exposed the absolute folly of thinking[more]

Recently, the California Senate voted to keep Donald Trump off the ballot in 2020 unless he releases his tax returns.[more]

    Are you a pro-life Democrat? If so, it’s time for you to hit the road, Jack. Leaders of[more]

Looking at the Vaccine Controversy Objectively

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Everything the President does must be painted negatively.

The post The Media Are Shown to Be Fools (Again)[more]

A familiar act from the “severe” conservative.

The post Mitt Romney Comes Out Against Alabama, Missouri Abortion Laws appeared[more]

Al Jazeera: ‘Jews Exploit Holocaust’.

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A recent video promoted by the Qatari-state backed Al Jazeera network accuses Jewish people of exploiting the Holocaust, as well[more]

Buzzfeed Bashes 14-Yr-Old Trump Fan, Celebrates Kids in Drag.

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Since the article on Buzzfeed, the 14-year-old’s channel has gained a further 100,000 subscribers, and is less than 50,000 away[more]

Eight Facts That Will Keep Gun Grabbers Up At Night

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Image via Pixabay Gun rights activists are in the fight of their lives. While there have been some wins in[more]

Trail Boss, Tallil Tom, Green Beans and Ice Cream. Part I of III (The Trail Boss) Back in the Spring[more]