Kellyanne Conway Sides With Trump Over Husband

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“The president is obviously defending me.”

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She’s insane if she thinks her fellow Dems are going to look the other way.

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    On Wednesday, the University of Cambridge rescinded its offer of visiting fellowship to brilliant Canadian Professor Jordan Peterson[more]

The state of Rhode Island is one that a lot of us don’t think much about. After all, it’s tiny.[more]

The kid in me is thrilled but cautious. We’ve been hurt before.

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SAF’s Alan Gottlieb: Gun Control Won’t Stop Maniacs

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Once again, gun control is in the minds of Americans. What else can we expect after 49 people were gunned[more]

PLUS: Beto’s countertop speech habits are annoying some baristas…

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What happened to not interfering with health decisions?

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Texas has a longstanding and well-deserved reputation for being a much-less-government state.  Which has directly led to Texas being a[more]

Not earth shattering but still a really dumb idea…

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New Hampshire House Passes Gun Control Bills

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AP Photo/Elaine Thompson, File While New Hampshire’s red flag bill died in committee, the state isn’t done with gun control.[more]

He has stood shoulder to shoulder with the anti-Semitical Louis Farrakhan, but continues to equate President Trump to Hitler.

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Early on Tuesday morning, Des Moines first responders were called to a fire in an apartment building, KCCI reports. Police[more]

While it seems almost everyone in the mainstream media have been tapping feet and pacing in circles in anticipation of[more]

Taos County Backs Down From Staunch Pro-Gun Resolution

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Taos County in New Mexico made a strong stance in favor of the Second Amendment a while back. It was[more]