“What kind of education do people at Google have?”

The post Dan Crenshaw Puts Google Reps Through the Ringer[more]

Calling out the inconsistent standards of the mainstream media.

The post Andy Ngo to CNN: Why Won’t You Publish[more]

These people can’t run from their past dismissals.

The post Democrats and Media Members Get Dragged for Political[more]

The_Donald: Reddit Censors Internet’s Loudest Trump Supporters

By humanevents.com @ 2019-06-26 17:42:28

The internet’s most popular pro-Donald Trump community has been censored and suppressed ahead of the Democratic primaries.

The post <a[more]

Gun-Toting Grandma Holds Wanted Man Until Police Arrive

By bearingarms.com @ 2019-06-26 17:00:56

Image via Pixabay Most people who own a gun for self-defense will never have to use it. In fact, a[more]

You can harass him about it if you feel lucky, punk.

The post Clint Eastwood Defies Film Boycott Of[more]

AP Photo/Lisa Marie Pane I live roughly five and a half hours from Chatom, Alabama. That’s a long way to[more]

Democrat 2020 Platform: Everything is Free!

By humanevents.com @ 2019-06-26 13:36:48

The Democratic Primary is no more than a competition over who can give away more free stuff: healthcare, college, cash[more]

Sanders is potentially opening a door we can’t close.

The post Bernie Sanders Is Making One of My[more]

Northam Admits Latest Gun Grab Wouldn’t Prevent VA Beach

By bearingarms.com @ 2019-06-26 13:00:24

Gun control proponents latch onto every mass shooting and use it to advance their anti-gun agenda. It doesn’t take long,[more]

Please Mr. President, Keep Your Powder Dry

By townhall.com @ 2019-06-26 12:55:00

We Shouldn’t Be Doing Business with Communist China

By redstate.com @ 2019-06-26 12:31:39

We didn’t win the (first) Cold War with Communist Russia – by handing them trillions of dollars. Embargoes and Sanctions[more]

No Bregrets: Brexit More Popular Than Ever.

By humanevents.com @ 2019-06-26 11:41:52

New polling reveals Brexit is more popular than ever, with a ‘hard Brexit’ now not just popular amongst Leave voters,[more]

These people don’t actually care about the situation.

The post AOC and the Fresh Face Caucus Vote Against[more]

New Jersey Passes Latest Smart Gun Measure

By bearingarms.com @ 2019-06-26 11:00:29

For years, the state of New Jersey has had a law on the books that would make so-called smart guns[more]

The Swamp in Action

By townhall.com @ 2019-06-26 11:00:00

Everyone else wants the names of the FBI officials who approved the unprecedented law enforcement dragnet against low-level Trump aides[more]