Vassar Student Talks Sense On Guns

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I’m broken when it comes to college students. I know there are pro-gun college students out there, but I’ve encountered[more]

With Hanukkah celebrations underway around the world, we’re taking some time this week to talk about how Jewish holidays were[more]

How many gun owners are there in the United States? It’s a question that matters these days. As Democrats are set[more]

It’s going to happen, but what does it mean?

The post President Trump Is Going To Be Impeached the[more]

The Internet – when unfettered by government – is a free speech-free market Xanadu. Precisely because our government lightly regulated[more]

Activist Vow To Fight California Gun Shows No Matter Where

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The Del Mar Gun Show in San Diego has been a mainstay of the gun community for three decades. That’s[more]

  After weighing all of the possibilities, it starts making more and more sense.   As covered last week the[more]

Beijing is not amused over the December 1st arrest of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou, who is the daughter of the[more]

Thousand Oaks Hero Officer Killed By Friendly Fire

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The idea is horrific, and unfortunately, it can be inevitable. When bullets are flying everywhere, from time to time, one[more]

RedState’s Water Cooler – December 10, 2018 – Open Thread Good Monday Morning!   MN Professor Claims Mary Did Not[more]

David Hogg Demands Federal Tax On Gun Sales

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David Hogg is the gift that keeps on giving. He’s kind of like a rash, in that way. The difference[more]

Iran’s Continuing Misinformation Campaign

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A Stooge Leaves Congress: Paul Ryan's Career In Perspective

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Ryan has done such a poor job that it has become impossible for even the paid sycophants of Conservative Inc.[more]

America’s Trojan Horses Are Sacking Us From Within

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Today, liberals, Leftists and the biased media justify all sorts of bad behavior under the cloak of the Constitution.[more]

Im glad President Trump picked him above all the other sexier potential picks for the slot.[more]

The left has a bad habit of labeling conservatives racist merely for being politically incorrect. Whereas when someone on the[more]