The border patrol are the good guys here, and the media needs to be reminded.

The post Border Patrol[more]

  On May 30th, Samantha Bee, host of TBS’s Full Frontal, made what would’ve, at any time before now, been[more]

FBI Study Finds Mass Shooters Tend To Obtain Guns Legally

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The anti-gun media is having a ball. It seems the FBI released a study on Wednesday that found some interesting[more]

North Korea Returns Remains of U.S. Troops, and it Matters

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  On Wednesday, President Trump announced that North Korea had returned the remains of 200 missing U.S. soldiers from the[more]

Anti-Gun Group Makes Dumbest Comment About Armed Teachers Yet

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I get that not everyone is comfortable with the idea of armed teachers. I mean, I had a teacher who[more]

The Real Message Behind the Inspector General’s Report

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Once a critical mass of people no longer believes in the basic integrity of the legal system, the doors are[more]

The Border (And Everything Else) Is An Outrage

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Everything these liberals have been saying and doing in regards to the border is designed not to solve the problem[more]

As a political writer, I often cover stories of people doing ridiculous things. In the process, I try not to be[more]

As a political writer, I often cover stories of people doing ridiculous things. In the process, I try not to be[more]

Google ‘Internet,’ Media!

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Journalists know absolutely nothing about immigration and refuse to learn, so when I cited the fraudulent “humanitarian” cases on TV[more]

  On Tuesday, a left-wing super PAC set up outside Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., blaring a ProPublica-released recording[more]

In response to a media maelstrom over a policy that has been in effect for about 20 years, President Trump[more]

The Souls Of American People

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In the ensuing days, other media personalities on the left received similar scrutiny for their own dubious and vulgar statements.[more]

Eliminate, Don't Expand, Electric Vehicle Credit

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The entrance of utilities into the debate over electric vehicle handouts is a reminder of how quickly special interests can[more]

Talbot attacks Pruitt, then turns to evangelical leaders whose support she thinks has kept him in office despite his ethics[more]

The Politics Behind Separation Anxiety

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Need proof that the current controversy over children of undocumented immigrants is more political than humanitarian? Hillary Clinton said she[more]

Can the FBI Be Independent?

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Christie was never indicted in the Bridgegate scandal, but defense counsel for those who were sought Christie’s cellphone to demonstrate[more]

Scandals Sanitized With Linguistic Trickery

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n early draft of the 2016 FBI report on the email scandal was reportedly subjected to linguistic surgery to exonerate[more]

Fake News Meets Fake Poverty

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And of course for these journalists America and the American system is to blame.[more]