The Box “NeverTrump” Puts Itself In

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They declare they’ll support a Democrat before Trump? What happens when the Democrats nominate Bernie Sanders?[more]

After a DOMINATING debate last Wednesday only 19% of people in a new poll think Liz Warren is nifty. Traveling[more]

Yeah, not even close.[more]

Is that her go-to in any argument? Stay Classy, San Diego.[more]

Neither the DOJ or Zelinsky responded to Solomon’s “queries.” What a surprise![more]

Harvey Weinstein leaves New York court, Monday, Jan. 6, 2020, in New York. The disgraced movie mogul faces allegations of[more]

Insanity has replaced policy in the Golden State[more]

So what is the judge going to say about this?[more]

Will JFK's Party Become Sanders' Party?

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Sen. Bernie Sanders may be on the cusp of both capturing the Democratic nomination and transforming his party as dramatically[more]

Bernie Sanders Misleading Narrative on Communist Cuba

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With Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) becoming the odds on favorite to win the Democrat nomination, the media rehabilitation efforts have[more]

Natural Gas Is Crushing Wind and Solar Power

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The U.S. Energy Information Administration just announced some spectacular news that should be banner headlines across the country: The price[more]

Comrade Sanders

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Sanders: 'Democratic' Control Freak

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Mike Bloomberg takes a knee on a CNN town hall for tonight to study for the BIG DEBATE tomorrow night.[more]

Who’s Ready For The Bon Jovi Gun Control Anthem?

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AP Photo/David Richard When I was 12-years old, I saw Bon Jovi’s Slippery When Wet tour stop in Oklahoma City,[more]

Right now, human trafficking is kind of the buzzword of the day. People are terrified they or someone they love[more]

This guy is the definition of “unhinged.”[more]

It ain’t carbon neutral, but at least it’s gender neutral.[more]

It ain’t carbon neutral, but at least it’s gender neutral.[more]