Canada isn’t really like the United States, though there are a ton of superficial similarities. One similarity, though, is that[more]

On Thursday, Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale called out Google and Twitter for what he labeled “voter suppression.” Their method:[more]

We can’t let the deep state get away from this. We need public testimony in the Senate Trial of President[more]

Consider this some bonus content from today’s Bearing Arms’ Cam & Co. Shortly after I finished producing today’s show, I had the[more]

UK General Elections: What’s Going On and What to Look For

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A quick Yankee primer for today’s historic UK general elections

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Some believe Glenn Simpson and his wife, Mary Jacoby wrote the script a long time ago.

The post Kimberley[more]

The Naples News in Florida is out with an explosive story highlighting one of the many problems with “red flag” legislation[more]

We on the pro-gun side of the Second Amendment debate often argue that guns save lives. Anti-gunners, however, argue they[more]

  Mindy Ferencz. Douglas Miguel Rodriguez. Moshe Deutsch. These are the names of some of the victims of the anti-Semitic[more]

If the Jersey Shooters Wore MAGA Hats

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Let’s take a look at the same left in an alternate timeline.

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Northam, Virginia Dems Threaten 2A Defenders

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On today’s Bearing Arms Cam & Co., I’m joined by retired NYPD Detective Rob O’Donnell to talk about a variety[more]

The CIA sent a memo to the FBI in August 2016 to inform them that Carter Page was working for[more]

DACA: An Actual Abuse of Power.

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President Obama could have been impeached for it; President Trump is working to end it.

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Mass shootings at schools aren’t common occurrences, but they’re random. We simply have no way to tell when one will[more]

Five Steps to Solving California’s Homeless Crisis

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A modest proposal is a dream wish list in California

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